Player Name: Lauren O.
Character Name: Savina
Home Plane: The Astral Sea
Level: 2
Class: Fighter
Paragon Path: n/a
Epic Destiny: n/a
Race: Githiyanki
Ability Scores:
    STR: 16
    CON: 16
    DEX: 13
    INT: 13
    WIS: 12
    CHA: 10
Race Features: Danger Sense, Githiyanki Willpower, Telekinetic Leap
Class Features: Combat Challange, Combat Superiority, Fighter Weapon Talent (Two Handed)
Feats: Weapon Focus (Polearms), Arcane Initiate
Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Skills Trained: Athletics, Endurance, Streetwise, Arcana
At-Will Powers: [1] Cleave, Reaping Strike
Encounter Powers: [Racial] Telekinetic Leap, [Feat] Thunderwave, [1] Passing Attack
Daily Powers: [1] Brute Strike
Utility Powers: [2] Boundless Endurance
Special Powers: [Dirty Trick] Telekinetic Fling
Equipment of Note: Longspear, javelin, scale armor
Portal Keys:




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