Nonimus Fodero


Player Name: Tom S.
Character Name:  Nonimus Fodero
Home Plane: Prime Material (Greyhawk, 1st Ed.)
Level: 2
Class: Rogue
Paragon Path: n/a
Epic Destiny: n/a
Race: Halfling
Ability Scores:
    STR: 10
    CON: 12
    DEX: 18 
    INT: 11
    WIS: 13  
    CHA: 16
Race Features: Bold, Nimble Reaction, Second Chance, Small Size
Class Features: First Strike, Artful Dodger, Weapon Talent, Sneak Attack
Feats: Escape Artist, Backstabber
Languages: Common, Draconic
Skills Trained: Acrobatics, Athletics, Dungeoneering, Perception, Stealth, Thievery
At-Will Powers:
[1] Deft Strike, Sly Flourish
Encounter Powers: [Racial] Second Chance, [1] Positioning Strike
Daily Powers: [1] Easy Target
Utility Powers: [2] Fleeting Ghost
Equipment of Note: Leather armor, shuriken, daggers, short sword, Resounding Sling, Kinetic Boots, Box of SeeKwinz, ME Card, Series 1300 PDC
Portal Keys: rotten tooth on a thin steel chain (home portalkey, missing)




Nonimus was born in a harsher time, and in a land that makes modern Sigil look like a paradise by comparison.  It wasn't always that bad; his family were poor, and they ate far too much rutabagah for his taste, but he was happy as a  young child.  And then the adventurers came to his village.

They had heard of some ancient tomb or catacomb or fortress or some damned thing nearby, and they stopped in the nameless hamlet where the Foderos made their home to resupply.  And to hire some help. His eldest sister, Prima, went eagerly, happy to get out of the hovel she shared with her siblings.  They hired her as a "torchbearer," and they went into the tunnels.

The next day they returned, but Prima did not.  She had walked into a gelatinous cube.

His brother Secundus volunteered to be "torchbearer" next. He fell into a pit trap with water at the bottom; he couldn't swim, so he drowned almost immediately.

Tertius was crushed under a huge stone slab after taking a wrong step, Quarta was paralyzed and eaten by a ghoul.  By that point the Fodero children had stopped volunteering, but the adventurers came straight to their house and dragged Quinta out; they seemed to think it was funny, watching innocent halflings die so that they would know where the hazards were, especially with them all being from the same family.  They made her try to drink from a clear pool that turned out to be a kind of living acid.  As Aelronde the elf later told Nonimus, they weren't even thirsty.

The Foderos tried to hide their remaining children, but Pacer, their ranger, hunted them down and they took Sextus.  He was beheaded by Vuulgaar, the group's the foul-mouthed Berzerker.  The next time, they dragged away both Septima and Octus, just in case Vuulgaar went off the chain again.  Septima took a wrong step and was catapulted through the air, shot with seven arrows, then crushed between two walls when the corridor slammed closed around her.  Octus merely breathed in the wrong room and poison gas killed him instantly.  Something about relative body mass spared the adventurers, and they came back for the last of the Fodero children.

Rather than give him up, Nonimus's parents tried to hide again, but Gandalpha the Black, the group's sorceress, cast some sort of divination and they dug them up inside of a day.  Grimmly the dwarf hacked down their crude barricades, and Nonimus' father went in his place.  He was kicked by Sir Violent's warhorse; they didn't even make it out of the village.  

Nonimus' mother tried to sacrifice herself, but Nonimus, then twelve, was the one they wanted, and some cruel divinity seemed to dictate that they'd have him.  So he went, he crept through the tunnels ahead of the adventurers, his position completely exposed by the torch they commanded him to carry.  He knew they'd kill him if he ran, and he almost made them do it just to deny them the sick satisfaction of watching him die.  But in the end he went, and his trap found him: an invisible circle of mystic power that flung him to Sigil, where the very rules of reality seemed incredibly different from what he'd known.  He found his way to Sir Horatio's, and swore to wreak a bloody vengeance on the bastards who'd marched his family to murder. 

He spent the next four years learning the trade of the trapfinder, the sneak, the assassin; he would not die as his family had, to treachery, machines or underground horrors.  He would find the adventurers who'd destroyed his life, and put an end to their campaign.

Nonimus Fodero

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