Commander Krevash


With crimson-tipped bronze scales, flickers of flames coming from his nostrils, Krevash is most often seen standing amongst his peers, eyes calmly moving across the horizon, always alert to his surroundings.  A dragonborn commander, he held some station amongst his fellow soldiers, yet prefers to march unadorned, wearing his simple hides and furs, disclosing the cold that he is normally accustomed to travelling through.

When battle comes to Krevash, he is seen barking commands, arms striking out in deliberate directions, always clear to his peers what his wishes are.  Outside of combat, however, he strikes most as a calm, even jovial, joking and laughing most of the time.

Player Name: Tim S.
Character Name: Krevash
Home Plane: Prime Material (Unknown)
Level: 2
Class: Warlord
Paragon Path: n/a
Epic Destiny: n/a
Race: Dragonborn
Ability Scores:
    STR: 18
    CON: 12
    DEX: 13
    INT: 11
    WIS: 10
    CHA: 16
Race Features: Dragonborn Fury, Dragonborn Heritage, Dragon Breath (STR, Fire)
Class Features: Combat Leader, Inspiring Presence, Inspiring Word
Feats: Inspired Recovery, Armor Proficiency (Scale)
Languages: Common, Draconic
Skills Trained: Athletics, Heal, History, Intimidate
At-Will Powers: [1] Viper's Strike, Wolf Pack Tactics
Encounter Powers: [Racial] Dragon Breath (STR, Fire), [Class] Inspiring Word,  [1] Leaf on the Wind
Daily Powers: [1] Bastion of Defense
Utility Powers:
[2] Shake It Off
Special Powers:
[Dirty Trick] Everything Burns!
Equipment of Note: warpick, longbow, light shield, Black Iron Scale Mail
Portal Keys:




Commander Krevash

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