Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes

Welcome to Sir Horatio's!

Welcome to Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes!  A brand new Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition campaign, set in the manifold realms of Planescape, and starring a motley cast from all over the 'Verse.

Sir Horatio's came about due to a great number of events aligning – my most current place of employment locking me out of running my Eberron game on Fridays, the release of the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition core books, and my feverish dreams that came with nicotine withdrawal.

Making use of a site outside of my primary gaming site Druid Wrestling is something new to me – however, after seeing what was being done with our sister gaming group's campaign, The Nentir Vale I couldn't help but give Obsidian Portal a try.  I absolutely love it thus far, and I'll be abusing the tool to the best of my ability for as long as the game goes on (which I should hope will be a very long time, indeed).

Our first official session will be on July 6th, with a group of players nursing various degrees of hangovers from the 4th of July festivities.  From that Sunday thereon, games will be run from 12 noon EST, until 8 EST, with occasional ad hoc gaming sessions when time and availability of players allow.

Now, due to the various obligations players have in real life, I understand that certain players won't be able to attend every session from here until the end of creation, nor would I ever expect you to.  However, not wanting to call off an entire game session due to low attendance, I'll be putting into place a registry of sorts, for when players can confirm that they can attend the following session.  The sooner people confirm, the more likely I'll be able to fit people in for a game's session.  There won't be any real pre-determined number of seats, save "within reason".  There's always exceptions to the rule, such as for cameos from friends who rarely get to attend, and other oddities.  Nothing is set in stone, but, I want to set the expectation that, occasionally, there may simply be too many players to allow for everyone to attend.

That being said, there are a few House Rules – these aren't so much changes to the rules of the game, but, instead, some guidelines I'd like to put out there for those that want to attend the game.

  • Cooperate – Dungeons & Dragons is a team-based game, now more than ever in 4th Edition.  While in-party conflicts are expected, and, hell, in some cases, encouraged, in-party fighting should never become a game-brake.  If you're interested in a game where you're perpetually betraying one another, I'll happily organize a Paranoia campaign.
  • Don't Loot Whore -  As shiny as imaginary objects might be, this isn't a smash-and-grab campaign.  I have no problem with less scrupulous PCs pocketing a coveted item here or there, but, trying to amass a vast treasure at the expense of the other players just isn't fun.  You'll be sitting down with these other folks on a regular basis, so hosing them in the game lowers the party's chances of survival in the game, and lowers your chances of being given a seat next session.  Basically, see the Cooperate rule.
  • Food - I'll be posting local menus up on this wiki and on Druid Wrestling so that people can mull over what they want to eat before the next game.  Try to use the forums on Druid Wrestling to decide on food ahead of time, so it doesn't take half the gaming session deciding between the 3 places we order from all the time anyways.
  • Shut Up, For God's Sake – Dungeons & Dragons is a social activity, there's no question about it; getting together and acting like jerks with a bunch of friends is what it boils down to, ultimately.  But, sometimes, other players, or myself, need to speak in order to move the game along.  So, when someone's trying to say something relevant to the game at hand, quiet down for a few seconds to let them speak.  Some players are louder than others (you know who you are), and you drown out the other players that can't bellow quite as hard as you can.  And if I hear one more thing about Color Spray…
  • Come Prepared – While plenty of us have extra dice, and pencils aren't terribly hard to find, it's still a good idea to make sure you have both of the above, as well as some scrap paper, if you find yourself needing.  We're more than happy to loan out dice and pencils where needed, but resources quickly get tapped – borrowed dice and pencils have a way of disappearing. 

Anyway, that should cover it.  I think that all of the above is fairly reasonable.  If anything else comes up, I'll be sure to bring it up here.  That being said, looking forward to the start of this new game!  I hope all of you are, too. Don't forget to 5-Star the campaign/add it to your favorites!


Prologue - Heavy-Handed Exposition
Heavy-Handed Exposition


Sir Horatio's Habitat for Wayward Planars & Primes sits precariously on the edge of both the Hive and the Lower Ward, within the wondrous City of Doors, and hosts all manner of lost and wandering individuals – a halfway home between realities.  Sir Horatio formed this altruistic organization after hearing far too many stories of poor souls gone mad within Sigil from the sheer size of the worlds that stem from it.  Feeling that if these interdimensional vagabonds had a place to call home until they were able to find their way back to the world they came from (or became comfortable enough with Sigil to call themselves a Cager), Sigil as a whole would benefit.
The exterior of Sir Horatio's Habitat exists as a makeshift mansion of sorts – borrowing walls and doors and all other fixtures from a countless number of sources, some purchased from the Great Bazaar, others still from crumbling buildings within the Hive, and still others from planes outside of Sigil.  Within the Habitat, though, it exists as a demiplane of sorts, constructed by Sir Horatio himself – a tiny little world within a world, with seemingly endless hallways and dorms for the multitudes of individuals that take up residence within.  Even with its seemingly infinite size, those who call the Habitat a home find it difficult to find a moment alone outside of their own humble room; the Habitat is always teeming with activity, its hallways perpetually crowded. 
Still, Sir Horatio's Habitat has worked wonders.  Groups of these otherwise stranded souls find themselves forming tight-knit communities within the walls of the Habitat, sharing stories of their worlds within the mess halls, venturing out into the city together.  Recently, Sir Horatio has even gone so far as to organize groups to help one another find their portal home, or to help them settle into Sigil itself.
What follows is the story of one such group of residents, who have found some comfort with each other, and have been working some time together ever since becoming residents of the Habitat themselves. 



Table Crunch
Combat and Character Rules and Suggestions

Combat and the rewards of your various adventures are a major part of any Dungeons & Dragons game, so, it's only fair that everyone knows ahead of time some rules and suggestions that will help everything regarding those things go along a lot more smoothly.  For the most part, the following list is more suggestions than rules, but, I find if people make use of them, combat goes a lot more smoothly.

  • Leaving the Table – No one is going to force you to sit at the table the entire time we play; being tethered to a chair for hours on end is something you should be getting paid for (no, I am not giving you money to play).  But, sometimes when you leave the table, especially during combat, things can grind to a halt.  So, if you have to leave the table, the player sitting to your left will make decisions for your character in combat.  That being said, if you leave the table, write a quick note as to what you'd like your character to do – if you have time, note any attack bonuses or damage for the player, so they don't have to eyeball your character sheet trying to figure out what does what.  And if you're especially annoying to the person to your left, and don't leave a note, don't be surprised if your character suddenly succumbs to crushing depression, and throws himself off of a cliff.
  • Roll All of Your Dice – Pretty straightforward here – when you roll to attack, assume you're going to hit, and roll your damage dice at the same time.  It shaves a little time off of your turn, but, in the long run, it makes things go by a great deal faster.  Just have all your dice ready when making the roll!
  • XP/Leveling Expectations - XP will be given out at the very end of the game session, instead of at the end of each opportunity to gain XP; if you have enough XP to gain a level, you can level up your character at your next extended rest.  This allows the game to keep moving without math sessions between the action, and gives a nice, fat reward at the end of the day.  Any XP gained by the party will be given to absent players as well, but, will be put on 'hold' – see below, under 'Catching Up'.
  • Catching Up - Even if your character didn't participate in one day's session, you'll still be rewarded the XP, but only after attending as many sessions as you missed.  For example, if over the course of three games, the party is rewarded 1000 XP, and you join during the fourth session, you'll get that held XP at the end of your sixth game.  This will allow players who are always able to attend to stay at the top curve of power, but, it won't leave less frequent players completely in the dust.

I'll add to this as is needed, but, for the most part, I feel that should cover it, and keep the game moving smoothly.

Sir Horatio's Resident Newsletter

If you'd like to get updates about Sir Horatio's Habitat for Wayward Planars & Primes, you can sign up for the newsletter by clicking on the link below.  Within will be any adventure logs, rules updates, new pictures and other miscelleny that happen to be posted on the site, compiled on approximately a weekly basis.

Click here to sign up for the newsletter, and follow the instructions.  You'll soon be immersed in the various and sundry goings on of the ins-and-outs of the Habitat (recommended for all players, and for anyone that just wants to watch things unfold each week).

The newsletter is under the name of Druid Wresting, our main gaming site.

Fantastic Magical Devices and Other Shiny Stuff

Here is an index of various items that have been encountered, or claimed, within the campaign.  This page will be updated as new items are discovered, and linked to from the wiki.  Keep an eye out for it, and for those of you watching from home, feel free to lift anything you see here and drop it into your own game.  

  • Weapon (Melee)
    • Content Not Found: 7829
    • Content Not Found: personality
    • Content Not Found: terrormaul
  • Weapon (Ranged)/Ammo
    • Content Not Found: 7832_
    • Laser Pistol (simple ranged; range 10/20; 1d6 radiant damage; reload move)
    • Content Not Found: redbarrel_
    • Content Not Found: resoundingsling_
  • Armor
    • Content Not Found: 7828_
    • Content Not Found: 7830_
    • Content Not Found: redreflec_
  • Headgear
    • Content Not Found: hornedhelmet_
  • Eyewear
    • n/a
  • Shirt/Vest
    • Content Not Found: foamunderbody_
  • Cape/Cloak/Robe
    • n/a
  • Bracers
    • n/a
  • Gloves
    • n/a
  • Leggings
    • n/a
  • Footwear
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    • Content Not Found: kineticboots_
    • Content Not Found: wavestriderboots_
  • Rings
    • n/a
  • Jewelry
    • Content Not Found: amuletofhealth_
    • Content Not Found: 7831_
  • Potion/Oil/Substance
    • _Content Not Found: seekwinz
    • Content Not Found: polyshine
    • Content Not Found: 7452
  • Poison
    • n/a
  • Material
    • n/a
  • Tool
    • Content Not Found: multicorder
    • Content Not Found: 7451
    • Content Not Found: series1300pdc
  • Transport/Conveyance
    • n/a
  • Staff/Wand/Rod/Orb
    • n/a
  • Book/Scroll
    • n/a
  • Container
    • n/a
  • Other
    • Content Not Found: mecard

Chapter One, Part One
Serious Questions

Things started off badly, this one morning in the Ljubisav Wing, where all of the residents of this particular portion of Sir Horatio's Habitat found themselves to have been robbed.  But this thief in the night didn't dig through their coffers, looking for a bit of jink; this particular rogue made off with a fist-full of keys.

Sir Horatio has made it a point to help as many residents of his humble hostel as he can; in the case of many, he's able to identify, at the very least, the portal key that each individual may have been carrying that got them swept off to Sigil in the first place.  The only thing that remains, after discovering the keys is finding the right door.

Fearing themselves effectively stranded in the 'Cage, the residents of the Ljubisav wing flew into a collective panic.  Blame was thrown, as was most of the furniture, looking for these priceless little tokens.

A calm few occupants of this particular wing seemed to opt for the plotting and planning route of recovering their lost keys (others still, continued with their own plan, which may well have been dubbed the "Tear Open Everything, It's Bound to Be Here Somewhere Initiative").  Amongst these plotting minds this one morning were a motley of minds from different worlds.

Commander Krevash, a dragonborn warlord from a war-torn world seemed to be the first to want to draw up a plan of attack, for the lack of a better term, and following soon behind him in the idea was Durgin Rexhammer, a dwarven devotee of a god he called Bahamut.  A young, shadar-kai wizard by the name of Lydia reluctantly approached the table with the forming party, while Katerina Walewska and one who, at least for that particular moment, would call himself Leahcim the Pious approached the table for reasons that are their own.

Plans were made, then dismissed; yet more plans were made, mulled over, and dismissed once again.  Finally, someone got the bright idea to see if anyone outside of the Ljubisav wing was 'hit' the night before.

Their hopes that it was at least not an isolated incident were dashed, unfortunately, as when they ventured to the Madnick wing, they quickly discovered that all of their own keys were still quite secure.  A diminutive gnome named Inalo was even so bold as to show the distressed group his own key, still lashed to a bit of leather.  

The investigation continued into the reception area of Sir Horatio's Habitat, where Qua'turi (an androgynous beauty) took in their reports of stolen portal keys, and quickly whisked away to find Sir Horatio himself.

Well, quickly may be an improper term.  Nearly an hour went by as the party sat, twiddling thumbs and whistling off-tune, until the habitat's namesake appeared.  They quickly assaulted him with a number of questions.  When the fray of inquiries was over, a concerned Horatio did his best to answer.  No, he had not heard of anyone else's keys being stolen.  No, I don't know for certain what all of the residents were last evening.  Yes, some under the house's employ did leave recently.  No, they did not give any reason.

Eager to get more information, they pried a few names from Horatio; Reuel, a bartend, Dinek, a maid, and "Tony" a handyman had all recently tendered resignations.  Sir Horatio promised to investigate if they were hiding out anywhere within Sigil itself, and gave the group permission to search any of the previously occupied rooms of those employees.  Thanking Sir Horatio, the group went back to their own wing, and prepared to ask some serious questions…

Of course, "preparing to ask serious questions" is another way of saying "arming yourself to the teeth", if you're familiar with today's slang.  This little group was expecting no little amount of trouble when they went galavanting around the habitat; and, as is often the case with would-be adventurers, that particular expectation was met.

Katerina and Leahcim worked their particularly glib tongues around the house itself, trying to dig up any dirt on the recently unemployed.  And while they found that Dinek was simply too tired to clean up after the lost from a thousand different worlds, and "Tony" simply found what he said was "a better gig", Reuel gave no reason, and, apparently packed up and went the night before.  Suspicious, for obvious reasons, they asked where to find his room – and the party was quickly pointed towards the Factotum wing, where the employees under Sir Horatio are given rooms. 

Katerina, Durgin, Krevash, Lydia and Leahcim (changing his guise to avoid any trouble, should things go badly) made their way over to the Facotum wing, and without an iota of subtlety or grace.  There was no time for that.  However, there was time, it seemed, for a brief bit of violence with the help. When the party approached the mess, hoping to pass through to Reuel's room, they were verbally accosted by an assortment of small figures.  Goblins, previously trying to enjoy a meal, turned their stinking eyes towards the party, as a particularly vocal gnome demanded to know what their business was.

At first, they lied, badly.  After failing that, they simply came out with it – they were looking for Reuel.  At the mention of the name, the figures in the Factotum mess fell silent for a moment, then quickly began whispering amongst themselves.  Their tiny voices did not carry far, and most of the party was unable to make out the details of their secret conversation.

Lydia, however, listens when others talk.  She heard the whipsered words, and, apparently didn't like what she heard, as she launched a bolt of energy from her wand, hurtling one of the goblins out of his chair and onto what was, one can only assume, his dinner. 


Chapter One, Part Two
Burning the Locals

With the goblin slumped unconcious across the table, the rest of the crowd turned ugly, quick.  Four more goblins jumped up from their seats, while a halfling and gnome set upon the party from above, after siccing their respective pets on the party (the gnome, his impish familiar, the halfling, his fire beetle pet).  A hail of stones and scintillating bolts fell from the loft above the mess hall, while the party scrambled to meet the goblins in melee.

With a whip-crack of his sling, the halfling pelted Krevash with a stone that bellowed like thunder when it struck the dragonborn's particularly thick skull – dazed with pain, the goblins set upon the scaled commander with short swords and daggers… only to be incinerated by Krevash's thick dragon breath.  The one that managed to remain mostly unsinged was launched across the room quickly thereafter, by a bolt of eldrich energy from the hands of the Leahcim the Pious (although he may have been disguised as Riavor the Leech, or Johan the Wise or… who's to say for sure if it's ever even Leahcim that's marching with the party?). Leahcim then lept into the room through a veil of silvered mist.

Stones and bolts of magic continued to fly down from the loft, as Drugin, Katerina, and Leahcim made for the stairs – only to be confronted by a man-sized beetle, with spittles of flame leaping from somewhere behind its clicking mandibles. 

Meanwhile, Lydia and Krevash were dealing with a new menace, the gnome's impish pet; disappearing from view, and just as quickly reappearing to lunge its barbed tail into someone, it kept the pair swinging and firing wildly into the mess itself, hoping for an lucky hit.

The beetle, dispatched before it could bring its own flames to bear, was quickly kicked off of the stairs by the marauding magic users.  The halfling, still harrying the party, was swiftly put in his place by a few well-placed bolts of magical energy, while the gnome was flailing about and failing spectacularly in trying to do ANYTHING to the dwarven devotee.  As the angry adventurers stomped up the steps the halfling attempted to flee; the gnome successfully panicked.

Durgin rounded the corner of the loft first, pummeling the halfing into a sweet, sweet state of unconciousness, but the gnome assailant obscured himself with invisibility before the dwarf could hit him with anything more than an ugly look.  Meanwhile, the gnome's vanishing familiar was continuing to harass Lydia and Krevash.  Caught off-guard, Lydia took the full brunt of an impish sting… but shook off the poisons that followed.  Lashing out at the imp, she pummelled it with her signature bolt of sheer force, sending it skittering away from her.  Before Krevash could help her finish the job, however, the devilish little creature vanished, leaving the gnome to his fate.

The gnome's fate was pretty much sealed, at that junction.  After winking back into sight, down in the mess hall this time, he found himself surrounded by a particularly annoyed number of residents.  The beating that followed is best left to the imagination.

After tying the halfling and the gnome together (and rewarding themselves with some of the diminiutive thugs belongings), the questions began; given their position, the two were in no place to lie.  The gnome called himself Eelmo, the halfling, Littlewing.  They spilled everything… thier life stories, their skeletons in the closet, their childhood nicknames… and of course, what they knew about this Reuel character, and where he went off to. 

There was little to tell; Reuel, they said, left in the middle of the night, without warning.  He gave some money to Eelmo and Littlewing, and asked that he give anyone that came around asking for him some trouble, and then entrusted Eelmo with the key to his room.   The party quickly relieved them of that as well, and then sent them on their way.  Durgin provided the most severely wounded some treatment, but Krevash's fire would likely leave them looking even worse off than they started. 

Finally, the group took a look into Reuel's dorm itself.  Mostly stripped of anything useful, a pile of papers in the corner, the sheets ripped off the bed, and a humble chair, destroyed, apparently thrown against the wall.  Katerina suggested looking for secret compartments… Krevash, apparently in a mood to impress someone, revealed rarely shown investigative skills, took this advice.  After pulling out all of the drawers in the dresser left in the room, they discovered a bit of paper pasted under the bottom-most drawer.

Reading like an alien shopping list, it noted six numbers, items and locations.  A portal list. 


Chapter One: Crunch

Attendance: La_Chimenea, istabosz, Stranger, frodolives86, Michael_Lightbringer, firefly, Anomalousresult

PCs: Katerina Walewska, Durgin Rexhammer, Commander Krevash, Lydia, Leahcim the Pious, Savina, Nonimus Fodero
NPCs: Sir Horatio, Qua'turi, Reuel "Duke" Dukat, Dinek, "Tony" Den'tona, Inalo, Eelmo, Littlewing, Marco-G-BUD
New Monsters:
XP: 296
Items: Content Not Found: resoundingsling_, Content Not Found: seekwinz_, Content Not Found: kineticboots_, Content Not Found: mecard_, Content Not Found: redreflec, Content Not Found: series1300pdc

Scrubots are vigilant, and at times, overzealous, keepers of cleanliness.

Scrubot Mark 1 Tactics
Scrubots Mark 1 aren't designed to fight, but, given a reason (or a command) to do so, they'll fly carelessly into the fray, flailing their arms and apologizing profusely while they do so.  When they have a cluster of viable targets near them, they'll flail wildly in hopes of impressing their masters.


Scrubot Series 3 Tactics
Scrubots Series 3 is only a slightly later model than the Scrubot Mark 1, with an in-built resevoir of cleaning solution, and slightly denser armor to protect said solution.  If forced into combat, the Scrubot Series 3 will attempt to blind a number of targets with its cleaning sprayer then dive into the poor schmucks, and flail wildly.

WarScrubber Tactics
The WarScrubber was designed to remove the toughest of stains, and does so by unleashing its aresenal as quickly as it can against whatever it finds to be unclean.  Sometimes cleanliness calls for a slug cone-rifle, for those baked on messes.

Chapter One, Part Three
Lethal Hazards

The list, which read like a simple recipe for a complex adventure, seemed to point the adventurers to all different points within Sigil.  The party brought the list back to the Ljubisav wing, trying to come to a decision where they were going to look for the errant theif, Reuel (well, he was certainly errant… the theif bit had yet to be proven).  After some time talking amongst each other, and a few of the other residents within the Ljubisav wing, they decided to simply go down the list, from the top.  At least for starters.

The first item on the list noted plainly "P1: City Court: Rat Skull".  Assuming P1 was just a listing number, and that the City Court was the same as the one within Sigil, it was assumed that a rat skull was the key.  Durgin, taking into account the general filth of some parts of Sir Horatio's Habitat, hunted down a particularly mean-looking rodent, clubbed it, and in an act that would surely upset any animal-lover (thankfully there appeared to be none present), set the thing aflame with a searing flame, summoned forth from some astral plane in the name of Bahamut.  What good is a dragon god, without the perks of being able to set things ablaze?  Searing the flesh off of this unfortunate long-tailed critter, Durgin pocketed the skull, and set forth to meet the others.

With a (warm) rat skull in their possession, the party set out to the City Court; Savina, a githiyanki warrior, who had just finished destroying yet another piece of furniture looking for her portal key, decided that her frustrations would likely be more useful outside of the habitat.  The other residents of the wing would agree, if not for the fear of being pummeled.  Nonimus Fodero, a halfling with ever-wide eyes, followed along with the group; however, they didn't notice this until they reached the steps of the City Court itself. 

Of course, they didn't expect to meet with such resistance – one would think that getting into Court would be a simple matter.  But with Harmonium guards and stuffy Fraternity of Order stiffs mucking up the steps, just strolling on in to the hallowed halls of the law seemed a daunting task all of a sudden.

Nonimus seemed familiar with this sort of situation; quickly, he came up with a plan to have Leahcim disguise himself as a lawyer, and the rest of the party act like some adventuring party.  Leahcim would proclaim that they were on business trying to dispute the name of a now-defunct adventuring guild, so that they could take the name.  After a short jaunt to the Hall of Records (and a small processing fee), they found the name of one such defunct adventuring party, the Lethal Hazards.  Despite the unfortunate name, they took it as a part of the act.  Lydia used a bit of her wizardry to clean off Leahcim's ash-ridden clothes, and they proceeded inside.  Aside from a breif question from a Harmonium watchguard, they were given no trouble.  Which was fine, as the party was more than capable of making trouble for themselves.

Not far within the halls of the Court, Leahcim and Lydia picked up the 'scent' of a portal.  Following the trail, they found what they were looking for – on the other end of an office in private session.  Leahcim and Nonimus cracked their respective knuckles, preparing for another lie-fest.  Soon thereafter, Leahcim strolled right into the office, without breaking a sweat.  When inquired what he was doing here, he simply stated "I need some papers from back there, don't mind me, I just~" and then vanished when he opened the door, the portal opening violently with his key in hand.  Before the portal slammed shut, the rest of the party ran through, papers and lawyers flying into the air as they went.

Through the portal, the party found themselves, in an instant, to be in a small, steel room, with steel cots, steel lo- well, everything was a polished, black steel, save for the soft figures laying atop the not-so-soft cots.  Upon examination they proved to be quite dead.  Looking at their twisted, blue faces, they appeared to have suffocated in some fashion.  Nonimus approached what appeared to be a notice of some sort, jutting out from the far wall.  Just as he reached it, the walls began to reverberate with a too-loud voice saying "ALL PRIVILAGES FOR THE BATHROOM FACILITIES HAVE BEEN REVOKED DUE TO RECENT ABUSETHIS BAN WILL BE LIFTED IN FIVE POINT FIVE HOURS OR UPON MISSION COMPLETION."  This caused confusion amongst the party, and the room soon reverberated with their own voices until Nonimus noted that the notice on the wall did, in fact say something about a mission. 

The notice was largely incomprehensible, but it did muse to the idea of mission something-or-other, some location to attend to for said mission, something about breifing, presumably also about the mission… nothing about what the mission pertained to, of course, but, at least it was something to go on.  The rest of the party turned to search the room for any other information; Lydia was way ahead of the crowd, and had already been wrist-deep in a number of the unfortunate occupant's footlockers.

They found outfits, presumably used to perform whatever job the dead were meant to perform.  Most of the party shunned them, but Leahcim eagerly jumped into the red jumpsuit.  Along with that, they found complicated devices, apparently serving the purpose of communication – or so the devices told them.  Lastly, they each found a utility belt, identification card and some kind of badge, for each of the breathless bodies in the room.  Everyone took a belt, an identification card and a badge, save for Krevash, who was being particularly paranoid about the whole situation. 


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