Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes

Chapter Five, Part One
Quieting Quiet Leonard

After hour upon hour of filling out paperwork in the gatetown called Automata, the party was able to book passage back into Sigil via a one-way portal.  Exhausted, they worked their way through Sigil proper before finally finding their way back to Sir Horatio's, where they were able to rest in preperation for another day's work.

The following morning, discussions rose about getting into the Prison, at least for a tour of the place; the Mercykillers they encountered outside of the the Prison proper hinted that passage could be bought if they rounded up some seedy characters who were avoiding much-deserved time behind bars.  The Arrow (previously known as the Archer) had apparently done some footwork in that department.  There was plenty of 'game' in the Hive, with one particularly boisterous individual bragging about his recent murders, and, on the other scale, there was an abnormally tall elven character, who, through the haze of bub, admitted to cleaning up, taking extra fees from the City Court.

Katerina, Durgin, Arrow, Savina, and Clease dicussed who they should go after, being joined by Haxxium, who had not graced them with his precence until this time (he had persued other avenues in interest of recovering his key, or so he claims, while most of the Wing was out chasing Duke).  Some swayed in the opinion of taking down the lanky elven character, a particularly seedy lawyer-type, apparently, but after some arguements, they all agreed that the talkative murderer would be easier to push onto the Mercykillers.

The Arrow led the way to the Hive, to a little nameless hole-in-the-wall tavern on the worst side of the Hive.  Having only a description of the character (save for the Arrow, who spoke to him in person), the party had a little trouble finding him through the din and smog of the joint.  Katerina was the one that finally eyed him, slouched on the far end of a bar, whispering sweet nothings to his whiskey.

The party spread out around the bar, taking advantageous positions for the inevitable fight that was to come.  Drunk or not, the murderer sat on his stoop next to an abnormally large and badly-kept axe; in the thick, you couldn't tell if it was rust or blood that coated most of the edge.  The Arrow slid up next to him, and tried making nice for a bit, while the rest of the party settled in for a short while, even ordering some watered-down drinks.

"Quiet Leonard's the name," he drunkenly told the Arrow, lulled into a false sense of security.  The Arrow pressed about his recent activities. "Yes, I'm quite proud of my most recent kills.  Got me a new pair of boots out of the tussle!"  Leonard glanced down to his leather stompers, which were nearly falling apart.  One can only imagine what he considers an old pair of boots.

Conversation went on for a while, but it become clear that Leonard had no interest in moving from the stoop.  The party grew restless, especially Durgin, who was sickened that they were trying to parlay with a known murderer.  At the height of his frustration, Durgin kicked away from his stool, drawing his maul and bellowed at the man.

"I'VE HAD ENOUGHYOU SIR ARE A MURDERER AND A THEIF, AND YOU STAND IN QUESTIONSTAND DOWN AND COME WITH US!"  The Arrow slinked away for a moment, over towards the furthest end of the bar.

Meeting his challenge, Quiet Leonard shouted back across the bar, "AND WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION ME, LONGBEARD?"


"THAT'S THE DUMBEST NAME I'VE EVER HEARD!" Quiet Leonard retorted, ever a quick wit, "AND I'M QUIET LEONARDGET 'IM BOYS!"

Standing up from their stoops, a number of brutish men drew a variety of blunt instruments and set upon Durgin.  Clease eagerly jumped into the fray, the literal bull in a china shop; thankfully, this cesspool of a bar didn't have any good china.  Savina rolled her eyes and set into them with her spear, while Haxxium lept in to join the dwarf as well.  The Arrow stood back for a moment to watch things unfold and find a solid target, while Katerina faded from view with her magics, setting up an opportunity to strike from places unseen.

The bandits proved no trouble for the party, for the most part.  They certainly weren't dropping like flies, but they had trouble finding purchace with their clubs on anyone in the group.  However, when Quiet Leonard joined the fray, things got a great deal more hairy.  Charging towards Durgin, who had challanged him initially, he cut down an unfortunate bystander who hadn't even had time to put down his drink yet.  This enraged Durgin even more, as they set towards each other to trade steel.

The Arrow saw this as an opportunity.  He called to the barkeep, asking to have him stand witness to Quiet Leonard's act.  Venomously, the barkeep called back to him, saying "And that's just the beginning of it." Raising his arm, and whispering a few arcane words, he launched bolts of force out towards the party, striking none, luckily.  The Arrow dove across the bar towards him, running to tackle him before he unleashed any more arcane force.

Meanwhile, Clease and Savina merrily cleaved their way through the unfortunate bandits, trading blows with them as Haxxium and Durgin faced off against Leonard himself.  Haxxium challanged Quiet Leonard to a real fight; Leonard happily accepted, nearly sundering the armor off of Haxxium's chest with a solid blow.  Be that as it may, Leonard was still stuck between two holy warriors.

Over the bar, the Arrow dove to take down the barman.  With a stomp of his foot, the barman sent a shockwave through the Arrow, in an attempt to get away from the unsolicited wrestling match.  While momentarily dazed, Durgin quickly called upon Bahamut to allow the Arrow to shake it off.  After recovering, the Arrow was more determined than ever, and with a few short knees to the barman's sensitive bits, they both tumbled to the ground, where the Arrow proceeded to perform a fairly holistic form of dentistry on the spellslinging tapper.

Showing uncharacteristic restraint, Savina and Clease did their best to simply subdue the assailants, so as to bring them in alive.   Clease tossed a few bandits overhead with his horns, while Savina rapped them aside the head with the haft of her spear, instead of the business-end.  One of the bandits avoided the conflict with the cow-man and the alien, through the sheer luck of drinking further away from them, and was in a prime position to help his boss.  With a charge, he tried pushing Haxxium over the bar, but only managed to topple him to the ground.

Quiet Leonard, never one to give up an opportunity when it presents itself, brought his axe down on Haxxium.  With a crushing noise, Haxxium's armor kept him alive, but nearly knocked the wind out of him.  At this time, Katerina slipped back out from the shadows she crept into, hissing "This ends NOW," filling Quiet Leonard's mind with psychic poisons and visions of horrors undescribable.  He began screaming as blood began to pour from the corners of his lips and eyes.  He swung wildly at Haxxium again, wildly, not sure what he was seeing, but the blow landed, nearly putting an end to Haxxium's new career in key-hunting.

Things were going better for the Arrow, where he was demanding the barkeep submit.  The barman simply kept laughing through his broken teeth, that is, until the Arrow drew a pair of his namesake, and drove them through his shoulders like pitons through a tent.  More screaming now, but this time, in the forms of pleas instead of madness.  Satisfied, Arrow stood just in time to catch the sight of Clease losing restraint, and filling the room with the arterial spray of a bandit with what was clearly a case of high blood-pressure.

Quiet Leonard was clearly suffering from stress of a sort as well, continuing with his screaming.  A quick glance over at Katerina resulted in a shrug that seemed to say, "Hey, I'm not doing anything anymore, he's screaming all on his own now".  Apparently Leonard saw something he didn't particularly care for and had flown into a rage of some sort.

With most of his cronies down, fled or submitted, the party as a whole brought their entire force to bear on Quiet Leonard, pummeling him until the screaming stopped.  His wild flailing wasn't able to land too many more blows before he slipped into peaceful, if forced, unconciousness.

Brushing themselves off and tending to their wounds (and helping themselves to a few drinks), the party had a handful of captives now to bring to the Mercykillers; The Arrow tended to the barkeep, took his name (he introduced himself as Distainful James), and asked why the bar didn't have a name yet.  With a shrug, Distainful James admitted to thinking the place wasn't important enough to name.  The party felt it was time to change that, and dubbed it the Milking Pot, after Clease's particular rampage (while technically, he only killed one man, the regulars will tell you that he's responsible for taking down a dozen).  After a few drinks to recover, they tied up their game, and made their way off to the Prison.


The Magnanimous Heroics of the Magnificient Hero

As Sir Horatio's greatest ally in the honorable quest to recover the missing Portal Keys, I – Haxxium the Magnificent, have stepped into the fold once again.  Charitably devoting my time as a guardian of young adventurers, who were toiling to make a name for eachother while helping solve this unfortunate conundrum.

With my guidence we were capable of conquering two fronts in a single day.  First, I battled toe to toe the infamous criminal butcher LQ.  I galiantly subdued him while my comrades wrestled with his weaker henchmen.  Subduing him, he was submitted for judgement at Prison, and in exchange for my deeds we were granted an inside look where I feel a portal must lay, but in order for a worthy tour I granted them several days preparation time.

Secondly, I was able to track the traitorous suspect across the planes to a terrible temple.  Deep withing the horrible belows, past countless throngs of goblins and undead, I fought my way.  In the altared shrine of the horned demon prince orcus I strode into the fray, and unleashed the tempest fury of fate.  The raven queens mighty instraument, the novices followed my valiant example and under my co-ordinated genious we fought the high-priest.  We battle with fervor and unyeilding might.  The divine wrath eminating from my every unstoppable stike, I fell the lot of them and bayed the darken mass that threatened to push its way into the realm.  The traitor escaped only due to my unwavering devotion to keep my charges safe.  He will not be so lucky next time.

I pledge to uphold the greatness of Sigil and promise its people that this matter will be resolved quickly.


Savina's Story - Crashing the Party

I had to struggle through another day with the dumb bunch in what I knew would be a vain attempt to track down Duke and get our portal keys back. This day, we decided to try and break into the prison, because that's a brilliant idea, but luckily instead of getting ourselves arrested, we figured we could bring in a criminal in exchange for a tour.

Of course the Elf, who I knew was a shady character, knew exactly where to find this criminal. Following his lead, we stupidly went with him to a hole in the wall bar far from where I would normally ever let myself been seen. The murdered we wanted to take in was right where the Elf said he would be and though we soon learned his name was Quiet Leonard, he was anything but quiet.

Instead of us following his name, and trying to quietly take him down, a huge brawl broke out. I got trapped on the other side of the bar by two of Loud Lenny's goons, but they couldn't handle me for too long as I used my spear to strike them to the ground. Trust me, they weren't getting up. The rest of our group struggled to take down Loud Lenny and finally succeeded as The Cow tossed him clear across the room. They group celebrated while I took responsibility and tied up our criminal so we could safely escort him to the prison.

The guards at the prison were happy to take Loud Lenny away from us, as well as some of his goons that we dragged along with us. Not being Githyanki, they declared that it would take a few days before the criminals could be processed and to come back then. If they just let us handle the prison, we'd have it running much more efficiently.

Since the idea of sitting around for three days with these mind-grating fools was not one I was hoping for, I pushed for us to go to another portal location at The Green Mill. The Elf disappeared, convinced he could weasel himself in, while myself and Angry Girl spoke to the elf at the front desk of Sir Horatio's and after some sweet talk persuaded her to go to the party and bring us as her guests. She could stuck with Mr. Un-Magnificent as a date, but, at least we got what we needed. After buying ourselves the proper attire, and most of us finding dates, we prettied ourselves up and headed out to the ball.

The place was backed with people I'd rather stab with my spear than speak to, but I had brought Lucius, a Githyanki male who I promised a decent fight to, so we passed the time sharing war stories, though his were pale in comparison to mine. When the time came, after Mr. Un-Magnificent shamed himself on the dance floor and The Cow devoured every morsel of food he could find, I got Lucius to start a fight so we could make our way to the portal unnoticed. In true Githyanki fashion, he created chaos as we snuck past.

This time, our portal trip took us to a small bar where the owner was shocked to see us come crashing for his kitchen. Mr. Un-Magnificent attempted to calm him, but failed miserably. Somehow, the bar owner was able to decipher all the idiot talk being thrown at him and directed us to where an adventuring party, including a bald man fitting Duke's description, had headed off. For some reason, the adventuring party stirred up some faint memories, but I shook them off and we trailed after them.

As Angry Girl stated last adventure, we don't usually get to go anywhere nice. The previous group traveled underground and we had the distinct pleasure of following their path of gored goblins, bug bears, and who knows what else. We finally caught up to them, lying in a giant pool of blood, being chanted over by some crazy guy on an Orcus power trip.

Power Trip insulted our will, and mine especially, by saying we should just end the fight now and cut off our own heads. The Cow didn't take to these words kindly either and charged after him, and the fight started. Power Trip, two walking skeletons, and a ghoul rushed for a glowing inscription on the ground as we rushed towards them. Despite my valiant effort in using my thunder to push Power Trip out of the circle, he wiggled his way back in. Within that circle, Power Trip and his crew were stronger and almost impossible to hit.

Oddly, Duke ended up rushing over, head butting Power Trip out of the circle, and running away, like usual. With Duke's strange act of kindness, I pummeled Power Trip and after the rest of the group got a few shots in, I finished him off and grinned as his crew evaporated and the giant creature he was trying to summon slinked back to his world. Sadly, everyone in our party survived, again, and I had to deal with all of their chatter as we trekked back to town.

Miniature Progress
Miniature Party Teaser

Miniature Progress

Some progress on the other miniatures:

Durgin Rexhammer:

Commander Krevash:

Sir Maxwell Honeypot:

Nonimus Fodero:

Chapter Four, Part Four
Dr. Vanier, I Presume?

Scouring through the burnt remains of the town of Procyon Pass, the party looked for evidence of what had occured in the ashes.  Katerina found some evidence that magic existed in this world, with a preserved potion; along with that, a pouch of coins that survived the apparent zombie apocolypse.  Showing them to the party and pocketing them for later, the party decided to go over the outside gate before they were overwhelmed again.  The climb up was considerably easier without the fear of a tide of undead bearing down on them, and atop the gate they saw what they were looking for on the outskirts of the town in the form of a fairly intact building.

In faded lettering, a sign read "Dr. Vanier's Apothecary"; hoping that there would be supplies that survived the events that brought this town to its end, they lept down and quickly approached it, before they could be overwhelmed once more.  The Elven Archer clambered inside of a side window, prowling through the house.  However, the party's impatience got the best of them, and they forced the front doors open before the Archer could report back.  It was then that they came upon the unfortunate understanding that the house was still occipied.

Spinning around to face them was a dessicated man, wearing the worn garb of an alchemist; surrounding him, a pack of rotting dogs.  Without a word, the beasts lunged forward as Savina and Honeypot braced themselves in the doorway.

Howling and baying with a sickening gurgle, the dogs were on them in a second.  The party struck one of them down before it could do any damage, but one managed to wrap its jaws around Savina's leg, dragging her to the ground, its ichor working its way into her veins, burning away at her skin at the same time.  The Archer quickly dove back out the window to help bring down the dogs, just in time to see a ghoul burst from the far window opposite the door, and charge towards an unaware Krevash.

Chaos broke out, as the leather-clad form in the building began to tear hunks from itself and toss the necrotic matter into the fray, burning away at flesh much like the undead dogs slobber had been doing.  Krevash, in a panic, backpeddled away from the ghoul, flailing at it wildly with his pick, as Honeypot shielded Savina from the dogs and helped lift her to her feet so she could continue fighting.  Nonimus dove into the building through the same window Archer had just escaped from, readying his sling to ambush any he could within the building.

Between the blasts of Katerinas eldrich energy, and the combined might of Krisarah, Honeypot and Savina, most of the dogs were cut down quickly, who turned their attention towards the lumbering corpse inside the building, leaving Krevash and Archer to deal with the screaming ghoul outside and the ever encroaching zombies who had been roused by the sound of all this activity.  Nonimus began to engage the rotting remains of who they could only presume was the last vestige of Dr. Vanier, pummeling him with sling bolts from the shadows deeper in the house.

Krevash managed to pull himself away from the howling ghoul, stumbling towards the rest of the party, and clearing a line of sight for The Elven Archer. Well, at least that's how Krevash saw it, while the Archer saw it as more allowing the ghoul make a clear dash for him.  Which, in fact, it did.  After being peppered with arrows enough to know where the real threat was, it charged towards the Archer, screaming all the while.  Putting a couple more feathers into it before it reached him, he dodged out of the way of the ghouls charge as it slammed into the wall of the house behind him.  Katerina came quickly to his aid, burning the thing down with one final blast of energy.

Meanwhile, the party had made their way inside the house a bit, dodging the gobs of sick that the leather-clad corpse was tossing.  Sick of this, Honeypot left Savina to deal with the last of the dogs, and charged forward towards the corpse.  However, before he got very far, the last remaining dog caught hold of his ankle, sending him crashing to the ground.  With a swift kick to the beast's jaw, he rose again, and made another run for it.  Lancing the corpse with his sword, he was surprised to find it still moving… worse yet, to find the things wounds healing up around his sword.

Nonimus took advantage of the two being stuck together, diving around a corner and cracking the thing alongside the head with a sling bullet; the bullet erupted in a thunderous noise, sending the corpse staggering for a moment, opening it up for another quick sling.  Diving back around another corner, Nonimus loosed another sling bullet, this time punching a hole straight through the thing.  In an explosion of sick and gore, the corpse was no more, though Honeypot was less than amused at being covered in necrotic filth.

As Savina finished off the last pup, the rest of the party hurried inside and closed the doors behind them, beginning to secure them with anything they could find.  Throughout the apothecary were various boxes labeled in Common, with the letters A through K.  Thinking quickly, they glanced at the empty bottle of the Liq'd Fyre they had found earlier, and quickly assumed the word EDGE on it had something to do with its components.  Nonimus gathered up the appropriate bottles (while the Elven Archer gathered up every other bottle), and Savina looked for some bottles to contain the mixture in.

Turning the corner to one of the far rooms, Savina not only found a cache of empty bottles, but a similar device to that which they had found when they first stepped through to this world: a steamwork archway of sorts, complete with depleted bottles of Liq'd Fire.  Ushering the rest of the party into the room, Nonimus began to do his mixology, pouring the liquids into the bottles that Savina held.

After the last component was poured in, the bottles began to heat up in Savina's hands; before they could burn her, she kicked aside the bottles occupying the device and put in the newly filled ones.  With her two-sided coin, the gate hummed open in front of them; Honeypot waited for everyone to step through before stepping through himself (after insisting the Archer hurry up with his collections).

On the other side of the gate, the party found themselves not in Sigil, but, rather, outside of it.  Looking around them to the dead wastes in all directions, the only sight they saw was the Spire and Sigil floating above it… as well as a post, placed just outside the door, with a crudely written message staying simply "Quit Followin' Me".

With that, the party took a few moments to patch up any wounds, grabbed the door to take with them, and then followed the footprints in the sand towards what would hopefully be a way back into Sigil proper.


Chapter Four, Part Three
Shambling and Groaning

Nothing seems to inspire one to run like a wall of undead, as Krisarah can attest to.  Securing a rope in anticipation for Krisarah's arrival at the far gate, she ducked under the flying arrows of The Elven Archer, who was doing his best to clear off the zombies immediately behind those still on the ground.  A few of the clawed hands of the lurching undead managed to pull at Krisarah a bit, but not enough to deter her from breaking free and sprinting for freedom.  The rest of the party had either made it up, or at least to, the gate.  Jumping for the rope, Krisarah clambered up as quickly as she could.

Atop the gate and looking down at the pit of outstreached arms down below them, the party decide it would be in their best interest to keep moving.  They turned away from the gate, and made their way down the side of it, on the safe side of the gate (relatively speaking).  Not far from them, they saw what looked to be an improvised moat, over which lay an improvised bridge.

Approaching it and looking over the side, they saw the moat was filled with zombies, as opposed to the more traditional water that moats are filled with.  Deciding they'd rather not try to deal with the horde as a whole, they thought it best to keep moving, and quickly, at that.  Krisarah and Nonimus were the first across, with Nonimus trying his best to keep an eye out for weak spots in the bridge; he found none.

However, The Elven Archer, bolting across the bridge, did find one – several, in fact.  Quick as he might be, he could not fight gravity (though he certainly tried).  He managed to cross ten feet of crumbling bridge before the falling debris got the best of him, and he plummeted into a mass of waiting hands.  Clawing and biting at him, he quickly struck back at them with sharp elbows and blows to the jaws, and lept to the bridge, hoping that the part he grabbed onto would not give.  The things continued to claw at him, as Nonimus did his best to help him up and over.  Bloodied and beaten, the Archer stepped away from the bridge and angrily filled the pit with feathers.

Across the other side, the rest of the party remained stranded.  Fearful that more ghouls would appear, they quickly decided to take their chances.  Krevash lept effortlessly over the newly created gap in the bridge, while Katerina stepped into a silvery mist and appeared on the other side of the pit.  Savina glided across once again with the power of her own mind, leaving Honeypot on the other side, looking for more traditional means of getting across.  

Smashing away any weak spots with his sword, he was making doubly sure that he wouldn't fall in.  With the jeering of the rest of the party, he decided that it was time for him to make a leap, for better or worse.  With a resigned sigh, Honeypot backed up, preparing for the leap.  Running full-bore towards the gap, Honeypot was airborne – and landed precariously at the edge of the gap, having barely made it across.  The rest of the party helped pull him to safety before he toppled into the pit himself.  Quickly, the party moved on towards yet another gatehouse, and through the majority of town, which they now saw the burnt and gutted remains of.


Honeypot - Zombies? We don't want no stinkin' Zombies!

The Day started with Nominus and I discussing where to go and after a short time we decided to head to the bazaar to have a look at the door we had made. We of course had no intention of paying for it, but we weren't about to tell them that. As we suspected, when we opened it up there was a portal. Savina was the first to push her way though, and everyone was quick to follow, as we told the door salesman that we needed to inspect it. Once through the portal we found ourselves in a decrepit house, and upon inspection of the portal we realized we needed special alchemists’ fire to fuel it. The blue bottles that had the fire in them had EDGE written on the bottom of the label. We of course had none of this. About the same time we realized that we noticed that the outside of the building was surrounded by zombies. Not just a handful or a few dozen, but hundreds upon hundreds of them. Realizing we needed to escape the house before they noticed us, we searched around and found a path leading toward town. The Elven Archer made his way to the roof and provided us covering fire while we made our way towards the town.

Before we could get to town we had to cross between two gates. The closest one was wide open, but the other was not. We could see zombies milling about the edges of the yard and so decided we needed to be quick about getting to the other side. Three of us made it through before the portcullis slammed closed, forcing the rest to climb the walls. The noise got the attention of the zombies and three particularly vicious ghouls which immediately made their way towards us. The ghouls made it to us first and the buggers were quick and evaded most of my strikes. Savina was the first over the wall and into the yard. She quickly made her way to my aid. The other two ghouls plagued my other comrades, giving them as hard of a time as they gave me. As we battled the ghouls the zombies were closing in nearly cutting off escape for Kravash and Krisarah. I would have waded my way through the zombies to save them of course, but I am glad that didn’t have to come to pass. Once we were over the wall those zombies were no longer a threat.

We next came upon a bridge with a moat of zombies beneath it. Luckily they couldn’t escape the moat but as our luck would have it the bridge was collapsing. Nominus was the first to make his way across and seeing that he made it the Elven Archer was quick to follow. That was unfortunate for him as the bridge collapsed under his weight. The rest of us made it across without issue, except for Katerina who would have fallen in if Krisarah hadn’t somehow managed to catch her and pull her back up.

The bridge behind us we came upon another set of gates that we easily made it across. At the other side of the gates laid the town, which was all in shambles. Half burnt down and filled with zombies. Most of us decided to hold off the zombies while the other searched the ruins. We found a decent amount of coin, but not much more. Moving on a bit we came across the battered alchemists shop. Not a site we wanted to see. We made out way inside and were quickly confronted with some skeletal wolves, a ghoul (which plagued Krevash the whole time) and the Alchemist himself. He was throwing tainted chunks of himself at us as we battled his minions. Finally I had enough. I charged at him being tripped up by one of his dogs in the process, but finished the charge nonetheless. Had I not been in a weakened state from being hit by his flesh, I could have cleaved him right in half, but the blow nearly felled him regardless. After we finished off him and his minions we noticed more zombies moving toward the shop so we quickly barricaded the windows and doors. Noticing lettered crates and some empty blue bottles we grabbed the right ones, quickly mixed them and attached them to the portal. It lit up instantly and we made our way though and into a desert area, with a note on a sign that simply read “Quit followin’ me…”

We followed some Dukes tracks to a town full of bureaucrats where we were stuck doing paperwork for what seemed like an eternity. Finally they let us go to sigil. But that brings us one step closer to getting home.

~Sir Maxwell Honeypot 

Chapter Four, Part Two
All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Katerina of course had something of a point; throughout this misadventure, they've yet to venture somewhere that's the least bit pleasent.  Is most of the 'verse really that horrible?  No wonder so many who find their way into Sigil decide to become Cagers.  If this thought passed through any of the adventurer's minds, one couldn't say… they were too busy plotting their escape.

With Dr. Vanier's Liq'd Fyre packed away (or at least the empty bottles), they started eyeing the surroundings, trying their best not to get the attention of the shambling horde.  Prowling about the house, they found that there were lurching zombies wandering around outside virtually every egress.  There was discussion about breaking down a few of the barriers in the house itself, to see if it would give them some clues.  Honeypot disagreed.  The barriers had been placed for a reason, and thought that would have to find a way out of the house at some point anyhow.

The Elven Archer confirmed this for them, peering out of an Eastern window, narrowing his eyes as he read the town sign off in the distance: Procyon Pass.  Beyond it, he saw the mountain pass town laying behind a pair of guard walls.  Clambering to the roof of the building, the Archer tied off his rope to an outcropped support beam, allowing the rest of the party a means to escape aside from wading through the tide of undead.  After they began their decent, the Archer began firing into the walking corpses, getting their attention away from the rest of the group that was fleeing towards the town.

After they reached the gate, the Archer decended the side of the house his own, and beat feet to meet up with them.  Standing outside of the gate, they glanced quickly inside to see if they should expect more zombies.  They were not disappointed – hordes of them, all lumbering outside of what must have been mouths to old mines, on each side of the pass.  They thought they'd make this as quick as they could, break through the gate as quickly as they could, and press on.

Archer sprinted forward first, followed by Honeypot, then Katerina.  Krisarah's eyes widened with each of them running in, as she heard a faint 'click' sound as each of them bound towards the far gate, but, before she could issue a warning, the portcullis of the near gate slammed down to the ground.  Honeypot and Katerina stopped to look back to see that they were trapped, while Archer kept his stride, only glancing back over his shoulder.  To each side, the hordes eyes all turned, slowly, to the now trapped adventurers between the two gates, as the rest of the party looked on from beyond the portcullis.

Savina, Nonimus and Krevash quickly clambered up over to the top of the wall; Krisarah struggled at it, weighed down with her considerable armor.  As they reached the top, they shouted for the trapped group to move towards the other group.  It was then they heard the screaming.

From amidst the horde, bounded a trio of wiry, lightning-fast corpses, screaming as they went, eyes darting for a victim to evicerate.  One charged toward Sir Honeypot, leaping on top of him as he fended it off to allow for Katerina and the Archer to climb.  Still another bound up the wall, matching Katerina's climb; yet one more looked to sink its rotten fangs into Nonimus and Krisarah, who had just reached the top of the gate.  All the while, the waves of shambling corpses stumbled slowly forward, threatening to overwhelm anyone left below, and seperating the group in a sea of undeath.

Pinning Honeypot against the grate of the far portcullis, the ghoul screamed and clawed at him, giving him little chance to retaliate; he brought his shield to bear and tried to cut down the thing with his newly aquired lightning blade, but the wiry grave-thing moved so quickly that he was unable to find purchase with his sword.  Savina, across the way, lept off of the tall near gate wall, eyes glowing with psychic power as she glided safely to the ground.  When her feet met the earth again, she launched a javelin into the back of the ghoul, distracting it long enough to give Honeypot a little ground.

Meanwhile, above Honeypot, Katerina clambered to the top of the far wall, only to be immediately harried by yet another ghoul.  She rolled out of the way of its sharpened claws, spitting a curse at it as she did, then, making a violent motion with her hand, burned away her image out of the mind of the thing.  Confused about its disappearing prey, it took a moment to look for her, but, a few feathers from the Archer gave it a new priority.  However, the ghoul wasn't going to have an easy meal.  As it lunged towards Archer, he kicked off the side of the wall, firing arrows into the salivating beast as he flew through the air and tumbled towards the ground.

At the near wall, Krisarah brandished her scimitar at the charging flesh-eater, as Krevash and Nonimus rushed towards her aid.  Krevash shouted commands over her shoulder as Nonimus struggled with the trapdoor down into the wall's guardhouse, trying to provide them with means of escape.  In his rush, he neglected to think about the defenses the former residents of Procyon Pass may have set up, and got a gout of flame for his troubles.  Shielding his face from the heat, and making sure the trap didn't reset, he clambered down inside, hoping the others would follow suit.

Savina and Honeypot in the meantime brought down their particular ghoulish assailant.  Savina began her climb up the far wall, only to witness the ghoul that had been chasing the Archer dive down upon Honeypot.  Bringing his shield up against the sudden rain of undead flesh, he found himself in the same spot he just got out of.  

The tide of zombies was encroaching.

Nonimus found his way to the bottom of the guardhouse, and burst out into the courtyard between the two gates, and began arcing sling bullets up towards the ghoul that was harrying Krisarah, and Krevash brought his warpick into the same creature.  On the other side of the field, at the far gate, a wide-eyed Honeypot tried his best to keep the ghoul occupied; thankfully his shift babysitting insane flesh-eating undead was soon over, as Katerina and the Archer riddled it with feathers and eldrich energy.

Krisarah and Krevash cut down their problematic ghoul.  Krevash lept off the wall, rolling upon hitting the ground, bruising himself on the way down, but, not that worse for wear.  He shouted up at Krisarah to shake off the numbness the ghoul had left her with and told her to jump down to make a run for it.  Agile as she might have been, the armor that kept her intact atop of the gate nearly killed her on the jump down.  With a sickening thud, Krisarah hit the ground hard, and struggled to her feet, gritting her teeth.  

Outreached arms and baleful moans were just feet away as they began their run towards the far gate, and their escape.


Miniature Progress

Four minis complete:


Katerina Walewska:

The Elven Archer:

Clease "The Cow" Tormot:


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