Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes

Chapter Six, Part Two

A week has passed between the events at the Burning Chair and the capture of Reuel Dukat, with all parties recovering from their injuries nicely.  Reuel was turned over to Sir Horatio after being grilled by the party about the where-abouts of their keys; Sir Horatio promptly detained Reuel in some secluded wing of the Habitation after the interrogation, making sure he was well far away from any form of alcohol, until Sir Horatio was satisfied with Reuel's improvement.

During the interrogation, a number of things were learned.  Reuel had never been in possession of the portal keys, or so he claimed, nor did he ever write a list of portal keys and portals themselves.  He did confess to purchasing the locations of the portals and subsequent keys, but, Reuel claimed he committed them to memory.  Whomever wrote the list had the same knowledge of the portals.  Duke suggested that it might have been the imp, Nesterfettle, Eelmo the gnome's supposed familiar, who he bought the information off of in the first place, but that brought up more questions than it answered.  Why would Nesterfettle go through such trouble to find these portals, sell them to Reuel, then plant a list?

Katerina mused that perhaps it was to throw them off-track in the hunt for their keys, and most of the party confessed that they had chased Reuel for no better reason than he ran, and the timing was right.  Reuel had no hard feelings; in fact, he showed some remorse in putting all of them through what he did.  When pressed as to why he was interested in portals and keys to begin with, he reluctantly brought up the subject of Zalco.

Zalco was a sword that Reuel had once possessed in his halcyon days of adventuring, an intelligent blade that had accompanied him through the worst of his ventures.  Having had a few conversations with the devil Nesterfettle (Duke admitted to having a certain affinity with the creatures from the Nine Hells), he revealed this same information over the course of time to the little imp.  Not soon after the subject of Zalco was raised to the impling, Nesterfettle offered to help him find his errant sword.  He produced a number of locations that his masters were able to dicern for a modest fee.  Reuel jumped on the offer, committed the list to memory, and went gallavanting after the sword he longed to see again.

Or so was his story.

Reuel offered to show the party a few dirty tricks he had picked up in his travels, if they were willing to take time to learn them.  It was the least he could do, he said, to make up for the chase (and the busted teeth of Savina and the Arrow).  Sir Horatio made an offer himself; as he had heard the party had unsuccessfully found a patron, or been able to officiate their charter, he offered his own patronage.  He had plenty of work for the group, if they would have it, as while the search continued for their homes, they could assist other residents of the Habitat with their trip home.  The party accepted, and the adventuring party dubbed Prophets of Fire was born (name pending legal disputes with Hall of Records).

A week had passed between the events at the Burning Chair and the capture of Reuel Dukat, and the party was sitting around within the Ljubisav Wing, recooperating from the non-stop adventures that had passed.  In walked a foppish stranger, adorned in garb that was unbecoming of the smoggy atmosphere of Sigil, and sat with them.

"My friends," he began, which immediately drew the suspicions of the party as a whole, "I hope you have the time to hear me." He then told them of his plight… he had been ambushed in his travels through the hive, and a number of assailants had made off with his coin purse and sachel.  He offered all the coinage of the coin purse to the adventurers if they would assist him in recovering the sachel.  The party, despite being barely able to rub two bits of jink together, felt a bit greedy, and pushed the price up, and asked about the contents of the sachel.  

Not that it was any of their business, but, the fop told them that the sachel happened to contain some plans that he claimed were very valuable to him.  So much so that he also offered the rubies that were held in his coin purse as well as a reward.  The party accepted his offer with a shrug, having no other leads to go on.  Grabbing their things, they set out into Sigil with the fop.


Special Powers - Duke's Dirty Tricks

With the capture of Reuel "Duke" Dukat, and his subsequent detention within Sir Horatio's, he has a lot of time on his hands.  He's been making it up to the group for all the trouble he's put them through by giving them some advice on how to take what they already know, and pulling a dirty trick out of it once in a while.







The Moist Legion of Panda Juice

I know my readers are begging for more of my heroic stories.  And this week I promise to fulfill!.  See, my friend, the … wait i mean friends.  See my friends, the greatest story ever told is about to unfold as the greatest story ever read!.  This week I embarked on a Man Hunt.  The suspect know as Duke has evaded my friends some time but in a matter of days I was able to lead them right to him.  Inside a burning building, seemingly overwhelmed with guilt, the flames ablazed with the metaphor of the hell he was about to endure, just like there is fire in hell … see how that is a metaphor?.  Wait – you aren't supposed to write that part down.  Did you cross that out?  Yes?  Good.

 Anyways.  I burst into action, simultaneously quenching the flames and embracing the fire of battle.  My allies attempted to bring down the thug but were being put down, one after the other.  Only after my crippling blast were they able to finish subduing the one know as 'Duke'.  We then dragged him back to the hostel for inquisition.

 After brutal demoralizing grilling I was able to accertain that Duke was infact innocent of what we had thought, but still an arson and therefore a criminal, he did however provide the necessary information to set my comrades on the right path from which they have strayed so far.  Turning the vagabond over to Horatio for proper sentencing, My allies and I charged forward on our Quest.  We would have to seek the nefarious Imp guy…. no I dont know his name, make one up, you are my scribe after all.  Just because I know everything doesnt mean i have to tell you, its not in you fate.

To earn the trust of the, imp guy what ever name you gave him, I concocted a masterplan.  We would form an adventuring company under his direction called "The Moist Legion of Panda Juice".  Not suprisingly our first task was a trap.  We found outselves in the sewers of Sigil under siege from hundreds of swarming rats and were-rats.  I was emboldened by the treachery and with all the fervor of the raven queen  layed down unparralled might.  Saving the dire lives of two young ladies in our group.

 Next week promises the be the week of great revenge and you, my greater readers will be the first to know all the gory details!.

Chapter Six, Part One
Burning Down the House

The ball had ended by the time the party had returned to it, and sneaking out of the Green Mill proved a great deal easier than getting into it.  They returned to Sir Horatio's for another night's rest, hoping that their hunt for Reuel would end soon.  Little did they know just how close they were.

The following morning, Katerina and the Arrow set about Sigil to see if anyone had noticed Reuel about town, knowing he would have had to passed through town to get to his next escape-portal; and as it turned out, he didn't seem to have fled into another portal at all.  Multiple witnesses put him at the Burning Chair, a run-down, but popular, tavern in the Lower Ward district.  With this news, Katerina and the Arrow gathered up as many as were willing to get up and go to confront Duke, and marched on over to the tavern proper.

Outside of the Burning Chair there was, appropriately, a chair, which had been set to flame.  Some sort of tradition that gave the tavern its namesake, apparently.  However, things had gotten out of control, it would seem; a series of smaller fires were set about throughout the inside of the tavern as well.  Haxxium and Honeypot darted inside, fearing innocent folks were caught inside; the rest of the wing that came along followed, reluctantly: Arrow, Katerina, Lydia, Clease and Savina.

Storming inside, they found it almost completely empty of people – no one trapped under a burning cross-beam, no one unconcious from the fumes.  The only one that still sat within the Tavern was quite ill of his own doing, a tired-looking Reuel sitting at the bar, working a bottle of whiskey 'til it couldn't be worked anymore.  Haxxium focused on extinguishing the fires, while the rest of the party approached him slowly.  Savina simply told Reuel that she wanted their keys back; Clease, however, kept interrupting the conversation with question after question.  After a few minutes of this, Reuel raised his bottle to throw at the Cow, only to have it shot out from his hand by an ever-ready Elven Arrow.  

Duke was upset about this, though thinking back on it, it seems kind of a silly thing to get mad about.  If you were going to throw a bottle at someone, you would hope for it to break anyway.  It just seemed that the Elven Archer was helping with that.  Maybe it's something more complicated than all of that.  Whatever the case may be, Reuel decided that firing a potentially deadly projectile at him was enough of an indication that a fight needed to be had.  He charged the Arrow, diving at him head first, but the Arrow managed to sidestep his initial assault, and watched Reuel drop to the ground.

 Clease and Savina were on top of him in a flash, bearing weapons down on him, hoping he would surrender, but, no such luck.  The fight that followed was pretty much a group of adventurers trying to pin down a feral animal.  Reuel was drunk, and the more he got hurt, the angrier he became.  As the beating rained down on Reuel, he did manage to hurl the Arrow out through a window, and flail his hammer-blows down on Savina that it sent her into sweet, sweet unconciousness.  In fact, that knockout punch was what convinced the rest of the party that perhaps this hovel should be allowed to burn down, so they can work on controlling the drunk.

Haxxium and Honeypot tended to the wounded as best they could as Reuels firsts were pummeling the party, drinking heavily as he went about it, and even going so far as igniting some of the high-proof moonshine into a ball of flame, roasting a good number of the unfortunate adventurers.  But angry, wild swinging of arms can only last so long, when you've been on your last drink all morning, and eventually Reuel slipped into unconciousness himself, though not before the party could apply, what they felt, were well-deserved kicks to the groin and neck.

With their key theif finally subdued, in a drunken stupor and hog-tied, they searched his belongings for the keys they had been searching for so long for.


The bag was grimy from countless ventures out to the far reaches of realities (most recently with the pooled blood of other adventurers), but, it was functionally empty.  Sure, a couple of scraps of leather, some sunrods so that he could see, but, as far as it goes for anything interesting, most of all their keys?  Nothin'.  He had keys for other portals, the same ones the party had followed him through, but, they were mostly mashed to paste now, though it can't be said if it was deliberate or not.

Clease threw Reuel over his shoulder, gently patting his behind, and making everyone a tad uncomfortable; the party then set back to Sir Horatio's with their exhausted quarry in hopes of getting some damn questions answered.


Miniature Progress

Still a few minis, notably Lydia and Haxxium, that haven't even been started yet, but, here's the finished product on a number more:

Durgin Rexhammer:

Sir Maxwell Honeypot:

Commander Krevash:

Nonimus Fodero:

Chapter Five, Part Three
The Thing in the Portal

Stepping through the portal, the party found themselves in the company of some very shocked patrons of a small tavern.  Apparenting making themselves materialize through the tavern's kitchen, there was few attempts at food jokes, but, most of them fell flat.  After their breif attempt on the comedy scene, they were approached by a man who claimed to be the Lord of the humble town, which he called Winterhaven.  Feeling particularly punchy, the party attempted to make even more jokes about the name of the town, but, more than anything, they just made everyone feel awkward.  It was at this point they got back to the quest at hand, trying to find Duke.

As luck would have it!, the Lord was happy to report, there was such a man that was travelling with an adventuring party that fit that description.  Droning on about recent kobold troubles and a recent hanging of a goblin bandit lord, he mentioned that the party had ventured to the North, to deal with the evils in an old shattered keep, which they had apparently deemed the source of Winterhaven's most recent troubles.  Thanking the Lord for his help, they placed a few coins on the bar for the disturbance, and began making their way towards the keep proper.

A short trip into the wilderness, they found the keep in question, in ill-repair and long-abandoned.  They clambered to the top of the hill where the keep was located, and began their decent into the ruins.  It wasn't long until they found a scene of carnage.  Apparently the adventuring party that preceeded them wasted no time, destroying the denizens of the keep on their decent.  Deciding that the best way to find the party in question would be to follow the carnage, they quickly decended down into the building.

The further they decended, the more grevious the gore became, passing long-dead corpses with recent wounds, presumably undead creatures of some variety before they were cut down for a second time.  They passed hobgoblin bodies as well, all stripped clean of any valuables, the clear work of a group of adventurers.  Further down they decended, until they made note of some motion in a large chamber.  What they walked into was the biggest scene of gore they'd come across throughout the whole keep – unfortunately, for the preceeding adventurers, this wasn't the result of an act of heroism.

Piled up in the center of the chamber were the corpses of who they could only presume were the heroes that had cleared the way for them.  In various states of mutilation, the bodies were supplying nearby grates with their blood.  Only a few corpses remained relatively unmolested, one of which looked much like the errant Reuel.  Across the chamber kneeled a heavily armored figure, caught in the midst of some prayer, with two skeletal figures standing guard at the base of the altar.  To the north-end of the room was a fluxing portal, something straining and pressing against some sort of dimensional film, struggling to get free.

The party made no effort to sneak into the room, so, as they moved closer, the armored figure looked up at them, and let loose a heavy sigh, rolling his eyes.  "There's just no end to it, is there?"  A few of the party noted that they were only here for one of the members in the pile in the center of the room, but, the cleric didn't seem to pay much mind to their troubles.  

"Well, I can't very well just let you leave, can I?" the man snapped at the party, "Let's make this easier for all involved, shall we?  Just slit your own throats and take a nice, long nap amongst your friends."  Taking this as a challange, Savina and Clease decided they weren't in the mood to talk any more.  Drawing their weapons, they began moving forward towards the arrogant man.

Charging and leaping across the room, Clease was on the man before he could even bring his shield to bear.  Ducking behind his altar, the cleric barely avoided Clease's huge axes as the alter was splintered and shattered to peices.  Shaking off any aura of arrogance for the moment, he eyed the portal, and the runes that sat in front of it.  Grabbing his ornamental mace from the ground, he darted towards the runes, commanding his skeletal wards to do the same.  Savina quickly commanded the rest of the party to make sure he stays out of the runes, and charged forward to intercept, as did the rest of the party.

Just as most of the party lunged forward, from the shadows slinked an emaciated figure with a look of horror frozen on its face.  While a lesser group would have fled from the sudden appearance of the creature, the party that remained near it stood fast.  At least for the moment; making sure that the ghast was eager to strike at another creature first, the Arrow began lining up shots to bring the ugly thing to the ground.  As soon as Haxxium began bringing some of his dark magics to bear on the ghast, Arrow let loose, feathering the thing.

In the meantime, Clease harried the cleric while he tried to get towards the runes, slowing him at every opportunity, while the rest of the party tried their best to work their way past the skeletal guardians.  The skeletons brought their shields to keep the party from their master, making their advance nearly impossible, striking with frightening accuracy as they tried to pass.  It was Durgin that broke their line, bringing his symbol to bear, the Light of Bahamut repelling one of the skeletons into the portal.  It never returned.

With the skeleton fleeing into the fluidic portal, the beast from beyond it seemed roused, with a jet-black tentacle lashing forth, trying to drag Durgin in.  Batting it away, Durgin scoffed at the idea of something trying to move a dwarf.  Still, Savina was anything but pleased at the prospect of an alien force dragging people into the dark, she shouted for people try their damnest to stay away from the portal.  And just as the cleric finally stepped into the runes, Savina shouldered her way past the skeleton and let loose with an arcane wave of thunder, knocking him right back out.

Haxxium was trying to join the fray, but was harried by the ghastly corpse, but quickly disappeared from the eyes of the creature, a trick of the fey.  Confused, the ghast stumbled towards the last place he saw the knight, all the while being peppered with arrows and eldrich energy from Katerina.  Before being able to turn to face his other assailants, Haxxium faded back into vision of the thing, and launched a bit of eldrich energy of his own, and with the combined assault of all three, it quickly crumpled.

Trying their best to ignore the skeleton that remained, the party all entered the fray with the cleric, who was proving to have far more resolve than one had ever expected out of a pasty human.  Doubly so, as he seemed to be feuled by the runes, which he was able to snake back into past Clease, who was having the damnest time trying to get him away.  This was exacerbated by the fact that the thing in the portal decided that beef was more palletable, and was trying to drag Clease into its unseen maw.  

With the armored man within the runes, it was proving next to impossible to land a significant blow on him.  Try as they might, they couldn't budge him from the circle of runes.  To make matters worse, figures from the center of the room appeared to be moving, rising from the pile of corpses.  However, the look of surprise even took the cleric, as the one who stood didn't seem to be dead in any fashion.  Reuel had been faking it, and saw this as an opportunity to beat feet.

Shouldering past Katerina, the only figure in the way towards the exit, Duke ran at an abnormal speed, then halted, suddenly, and turned to watch the melee.  The Arrow took a moment, considering if it was worth it to try to bring Duke down, but decided his time was best used trying to feather the more immediate threat.  The entire group struggled together to bring the cleric down while the portal lashed out at them.

Without a word, Duke charged towards the cleric, risking being struck at by his persuers; but no one made a move at him, as he launched his way, head-first, towards the armored man.  The sound of bone on metal rang through the chamber as the cleric went stumbling out of the circle, and the rest of the pary followed.  Ignoring the strange looks from the party, Duke began what he had started, and ran out of sight before the cleric could regain composure.

Taking advantage of the sudden act of altruism from the key-theif, the party surrounded the cleric, and between the lot of them, kept him from advancing towards the runes any further.  Flanking him on all sides and frustrated that they had lost their game once again, their weapons rang down on the overconfident cleric until he was a mess of leather in an armored shell.  Stepping away from the fallen man, to catch their breath, they witnessed the thing in the portal go for the easiest of all meals, the fallen cleric.  As soon as he was pulled within, the remaining skeleton fell to a pile of harmless bones.

Confused as to what had just occured with Duke, the party made their way out of the keep; they brought the bodies with them, scouring them for useful supplies and weapons, and then Durgin gave them a few passing words, in hopes that they had found their ways to a better place.  Tired and sore, they limped back to Winterhaven, through the tavern, and back to the ball.


Chapter Five: Crunch

Attendance: La_Chimenea, istabosz, Firefly, nmarsceill, emacspirate, Davin

PCs: Clease "The Cow" Tormot, Durgin Rexhammer, Haxxium the Magnificent, Katerina Walewska, The Elven Arrow, Savina
NPCs: Distainful James, Guycut Fallingleaf, Lucius, Qua'turi, Quiet Leonard, Reuel "Duke" Dukat, Sir Horatio
New Monsters: n/a
XP: 408
Items: Content Not Found: terrormaul_, Content Not Found: hornedhelmet_, Content Not Found: wavestriderboots, Content Not Found: amuletofhealth

JP's Inarticulate Musings

Hey folks.

So, just writing here to pass some thoughts about upcoming stuff in the game, some changes I think will make the game better and whatnot.  So, off we go.

First subject, is stats.  Initially, I had people create characters with the standard array given in the PHB, but, now that I'm more comfortable with 4E, I think I'm going to give you guys the ability to change them up.  No, we won't be rolling, but, there's a series of different arrays that people can use from the PHB that will allow you to customize your characters a great deal more, I think.  That being said, if you check out page 18 in the PHB, you'll see the arrays I'm talking about.  If you want to choose from one of those and apply it to your character, you're more than welcome to – in some cases, I know some of you do have "dump stats", so, if you want to take advantage of this to help make your character a bit more effective, feel free.  Just let me know what changes you want to make and make sure that you still have the appropriate stats for the feats you've already chosen.

Second is on the issue of alignment.  Now, when 4E came out, I wanted to stick as close to the rules as possible, even with alignment, but, seeing that there don't seem to be any powers that affect anyone based on alignment, I don't see any reason to keep them.  Of course, this is up to you guys, ultimately, but, I figure alignments simply restrict character development, rather than help it.  I actually liked the alignment system from Palladium a great deal more, but, even that was restrictive.  So, I wanna just toss alignment altogether.  Your character is what s/he is.  There's no in-game effect so far as I can tell with alignment, and, if there are elements that come into play that affect alignment, or are affected by, well, we'll deal with those issues as they come up.

What else, what else.  My mind's all over the place right now.  Let's see.  Ah, yes.  I've been pretty laid back about changing up powers if you discover you chose the wrong one, and, I won't change that, yet.  But, I think at 4th level, it'll have to go to the official "retraining" rules that are built-in.  By that time, you should have a good idea what your character is trying to attain, so, changing past decisions becomes a little more difficult.  It's still quite possible to change some things about your character, but, we'll just have an official system for it (I'm fairly certain it goes something like when you level up, you can choose one power to swap for another).  If you want to do something in-game to retrain, that's fine too.  We'll deal with those issues as they come up.

I really have nothing to complain about with the party and the game as it's gone, so far.  I think everyone's having fun, and I certainly am.  I'm looking forward to the adventures you folks are going to be going on in the future.  I like that people are starting to interact more, writing logs, and interacting with the NPCs a great deal more, even going so far as to name things themselves (Quiet Leonard being a great example).  If there's anything you want to see more of, now's a good time to speak up.  You're on the bleeding edge of the end of an adventure, so, if you want to see a change-of-pace, now's a good time.

Also, having gone 5 games now, I'd like to know what you guys think so far.  Anything I'm doing that can be done better, or different, any issues you want to bring up?  Looking for feedback, positive or negative.  You guys keep showing up at my apartment, so, I'm assuming things are going well, but, still, always good to get things out in the open.  

Last thing is, I'm going to have everyone re-establish what their portal-keys were.  You can choose the same thing, but, now that there's been some time, you might have thought more about what your portal key could have been, if it was important to you, or just a trinket you happened to be carrying.

I have a lot of ideas in mind for future adventures, so, I hope most of you stick with me.  It's my hope we can take these characters all the way to the epic tier, where the crap hits the proverbial fan, adventure-wise.  Do I have a plan for the long-term?  Well, that'd be giving away too much now, wouldn't it.

Alright, I've typed long enough.  Gimme your thoughts.

Dancing Fools
Dancing Fools

Prisoners in tow, the party merrily went on their way to Sigil's Prison, bringing smiles to the faces of all the little Mercykillers.  How long had it been since they'd seen a haul like this?  Not venturing too far from the Lady's Ward, it's no wonder.  When you get the reputation that the Mercykillers do, it's not exactly encouraging to criminal activity.  The party pawned off Quiet Leonard onto the Mercykiller prison guards, and were promised a full tour in just three day's time.  There was paperwork and torture to consider.

Trying their best to ignore the bit about torture, the party ventured back to Sir Horatio's to try to find a way to entertain themselves in the meantime.  Besides the Prison, they had but one portal to visit in their hunt for Duke, and that would be the portal somewhere inside the Green Mill.  The Green Mill is a society of well-to-do elven folk, and other fey creatures.  Trying to squeeze their way inside would not be an easy task, at least without some sort of sponsorship.

However, there was talk of a masquerade ball that was to occur the evening following; however, without invitations, the group wasn't setting foot, masks or otherwise.  The Arrow, being an elf himself, set out to see if he could find a way to gain membership into the Green Mill on his own, while the rest of the group fretted for a different means.  

Their means weren't far at all; it turned out that the androgynous beauty at the front desk at Sir Horatio's happened to be a member of the Green Mill.  Yes, Qua'turi knew all about the guady masquerade ball that the self-centered representatives of the Green Mill were throwing, no, Qua'tari had no intention of going, even if permitted to leave the front desk.  Seeing an opportunity, the party (sans the Arrow) insisted, saying they'd ask Sir Horatio himself for permission, if he's see them.  Qua'tari left to summon him.

Meanwhile, at the Green Mill, the Arrow prowled the grounds.  Well, no so much prowled, as loitered, trying his best to fit in, in hopes of finding someone that would help him out with the membership prediciment.  He spoke at the front desk about it, but, quickly found that he was just a bit shy of the one-thousand coin membership fee (we won't even go into the subject of annuities), and excused himself to the surrounding gardens.  After some time, he spied a fellow elf that looked curiously like him, clearly a member of the mill himself.  He began casing the mark almost immediately.

Sir Horatio found his way to the lobby of his establishment, again showering the party with apologies about the most recent events, and that he's trying all that he can to help them home.  Brushing the apologies aside, the party ask Sir Horatio for his permission to allow for Qua'turi to accompany them to a ball the following evening.  Sir Horatio was more than happy to give them said permission; before another word was uttered, the entirety of them rushed out to get appropriate wear for the evening.  Sir Horatio was left tending to his own front desk.

Things were going just as well for the Arrow.  Having pilfered the lookalike elf's membership card, he had the audacity to try to engage him (Guycut, the card read) in conversation.  This didn't go as well as the theft, as the Arrow was almost immediately repelled by a thick forcefield of arrogance that the elf gave off.  As Guycut walked away, the Arrow grinned, knowing he could certainly pull the arrogant act off.  He darted off quickly.  It was all too important that he find the appropriate arm-candy for the ball.

Off to the Bazaar they went; for the most part, everyone bought the bear minimum they felt they would need for the party.  Surprisingly, Savina went all-out in purchasing her gown, custom tailored, adorned with beautiful accessories and feathered mask.  A stunning look, forgiving her nearly seven-foot frame and barely enough skin to cover it all.  Katerina toyed with the idea of a bonnet, but, decided against it, knowing the tastes of some of the folks in Sigil.  The men kept to conservative evening wear themselves, donning black for the most part.

When meeting back at Sir Horatio's with the Arrow, the party discussed a means of getting their belongings into the ball itself.  Savina was already in the process of disguising her spear as some manner of oramentation, even thinking of using it to display her mask, but then decided against it, considering her eyes.  The Arrow had gotten friendly with some of the help, and said he knew just the kid that could help them smuggle their belongings in.  A fifty gold bribe with a promise of a fifty gold tip following delivery got their things in line.

The following evening came quickly.

Dressed to the nines, the group arrived together, fashionably late.  Savina had strongarmed a githyanki soldier to accompany her to the ball, an unfortunate case known as Lucius; Haxxium had a stunning looking Qua'turi on his arm, the question of her gender no longer called into question, and the Arrow kept himself away from the main group, prefering to keep the company of Eladriel, an uncanny elven beauty and iconoclast, prowling into the party like she was the cat that just ate the canary (or, at the very least, had a scheme to).

The group was escorted to their table; the legroom underneath was left a little wanting, as someone had placed a trunk full of very dangerous weaponry and armor underneath of it.  After ordering a round of wine, the Arrow tipped the help heavily, to the sum of fifty gold… a charitable gratuity to be certain.  Afterwards, Haxxium, Qua'turi, the Arrow and his date Eladriel took to the floor to dance, while Savina's date brooded awkwardly at the table, whining loudly about how boring things were.  Katerina and Durgin enjoyed the buffet to the best of their ability (throwing as much extra food as they could into the crate; who knows, the portal might lead into some desolate wasteland, and they might need the food), while Clease did his best to make the other party-goers increasingly uncomfortable with allusions to stroking his udders.

After stockpiling, Katerina and Drugin made their way around the Green Mill grounds, searching for any indiciation of a portal.  A few songs later, Katerina struck upon something; some sort of portal in the servant's quarters.  Leaning over the side towards the ballroom and the dining room, she waved the rest of her group up.  Savina, with an elbow, suggested now would be a good time for her date to cause trouble.  With a sigh of relief, Lucius got up, cracked his fingers, walked over to the buffet and began trouncing a gnome.

With chaos beginning to erupt, Clease, with a mouthful of food, waved over a number of the waitstaff, and demanded they carry the incredibly heavy trunk along with him.  When they protested, Clease responded with a quick rap upside the head with his meaty paw.  When they whined, Clease responded once again.  Before long, the wimpering waitstaff was struggling with the trunk up towards Katerina and Durgin.  "That's how you deal with the help," Clease said, charging no one for his sage advice.

Most of the party had formed a circle around the githyanki and the gnome's friends, who had since jumped in and had pulled him to the ground, pummeling him.  No one noticed the group changing into implements of war, nor did they notice them disappear into the linen closet together.




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