Leahcim the Pious

A quick thinking, charismatic warlock who is wise to city life and looks to live life to the fullest and have others pay the tab.


Leahcim is not merely a city-dweller.  He is dedicated to the expansion of society.  This is not an egalitarian philosophy but more one of having his pick of the finest civilization has to offer.  With sticky fingers and an eldritch blast to back him up if he's caught red-handed.  Oh sure, he hasn't made many friends this way but ah the good times!

Player Name: Mike B.
Character Name: Leahcim the Pious (amongst a miriad of other names)
Home Plane: Unknown
Level: 1
Class: Warlock
Paragon Path: n/a
Epic Destiny: n/a
Race: Doppelganger
Ability Scores:
    STR: 10
    CON: 11
    DEX: 12
    INT: 16
    WIS: 13
    CHA: 18
Race Features: Mental Defense, Change Shape
Class Features: Misty Step, Prime Shot, Shadow Walk, Warlock Curse
Feats: Initiate of the Faith
Languages: Common
Skills Trained: Bluff, Insight, Religion, Streetwise, Theivery
At-Will Powers: [Racial] Change Shape, [1] Eldritch Blast (CHA), Eyebite
Encounter Powers: [1] Witchfire
Daily Powers: [Feat] Healing Word, [1] Curse of the Dark Dream
Equipment of Note: Leather armor, mace, theives' tools
Portal Keys: Copper Coin (home plane, missing)


Leahcim the Pious

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