Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes

Welcome to Sir Horatio's!

Welcome to Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes!  A brand new Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition campaign, set in the manifold realms of Planescape, and starring a motley cast from all over the 'Verse.

Sir Horatio's came about due to a great number of events aligning – my most current place of employment locking me out of running my Eberron game on Fridays, the release of the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition core books, and my feverish dreams that came with nicotine withdrawal.

Making use of a site outside of my primary gaming site Druid Wrestling is something new to me – however, after seeing what was being done with our sister gaming group's campaign, The Nentir Vale I couldn't help but give Obsidian Portal a try.  I absolutely love it thus far, and I'll be abusing the tool to the best of my ability for as long as the game goes on (which I should hope will be a very long time, indeed).

Our first official session will be on July 6th, with a group of players nursing various degrees of hangovers from the 4th of July festivities.  From that Sunday thereon, games will be run from 12 noon EST, until 8 EST, with occasional ad hoc gaming sessions when time and availability of players allow.

Now, due to the various obligations players have in real life, I understand that certain players won't be able to attend every session from here until the end of creation, nor would I ever expect you to.  However, not wanting to call off an entire game session due to low attendance, I'll be putting into place a registry of sorts, for when players can confirm that they can attend the following session.  The sooner people confirm, the more likely I'll be able to fit people in for a game's session.  There won't be any real pre-determined number of seats, save "within reason".  There's always exceptions to the rule, such as for cameos from friends who rarely get to attend, and other oddities.  Nothing is set in stone, but, I want to set the expectation that, occasionally, there may simply be too many players to allow for everyone to attend.

That being said, there are a few House Rules – these aren't so much changes to the rules of the game, but, instead, some guidelines I'd like to put out there for those that want to attend the game.

  • Cooperate – Dungeons & Dragons is a team-based game, now more than ever in 4th Edition.  While in-party conflicts are expected, and, hell, in some cases, encouraged, in-party fighting should never become a game-brake.  If you're interested in a game where you're perpetually betraying one another, I'll happily organize a Paranoia campaign.
  • Don't Loot Whore -  As shiny as imaginary objects might be, this isn't a smash-and-grab campaign.  I have no problem with less scrupulous PCs pocketing a coveted item here or there, but, trying to amass a vast treasure at the expense of the other players just isn't fun.  You'll be sitting down with these other folks on a regular basis, so hosing them in the game lowers the party's chances of survival in the game, and lowers your chances of being given a seat next session.  Basically, see the Cooperate rule.
  • Food - I'll be posting local menus up on this wiki and on Druid Wrestling so that people can mull over what they want to eat before the next game.  Try to use the forums on Druid Wrestling to decide on food ahead of time, so it doesn't take half the gaming session deciding between the 3 places we order from all the time anyways.
  • Shut Up, For God's Sake – Dungeons & Dragons is a social activity, there's no question about it; getting together and acting like jerks with a bunch of friends is what it boils down to, ultimately.  But, sometimes, other players, or myself, need to speak in order to move the game along.  So, when someone's trying to say something relevant to the game at hand, quiet down for a few seconds to let them speak.  Some players are louder than others (you know who you are), and you drown out the other players that can't bellow quite as hard as you can.  And if I hear one more thing about Color Spray…
  • Come Prepared – While plenty of us have extra dice, and pencils aren't terribly hard to find, it's still a good idea to make sure you have both of the above, as well as some scrap paper, if you find yourself needing.  We're more than happy to loan out dice and pencils where needed, but resources quickly get tapped – borrowed dice and pencils have a way of disappearing. 

Anyway, that should cover it.  I think that all of the above is fairly reasonable.  If anything else comes up, I'll be sure to bring it up here.  That being said, looking forward to the start of this new game!  I hope all of you are, too. Don't forget to 5-Star the campaign/add it to your favorites!



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