Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes

Savina's Story - Bone Chilling

How I love that most of our adventures lead us into dark, dank, and disgusting places. In this one, after almost being destroyed by a pack of Were-Rats, we capture their leader and drag him back to Sir Horatio’s for a pitiful interrogation, thanks to my brain cell less party members. Somehow we were able to get a little information out of him, but before we could wrestle anymore out, sharp migraines pulled us towards an old cleric’s office on the other side of town.

At the abandoned office, we stumbled upon a talking book and a cat, who in a previous life was a person and now wanted to repay his debt and go back to his world. I intently listened to the cat, while the rest of the party mumbled and shouted at one another getting nowhere, and soon realized that the task didn’t seem to be too much and we’d end up getting the office and some gold as a reward.

Before we could start on this task, the infuriating Imp we’d been chasing showed up and tried to convince us that he was not behind the latest assassination attempt on our group. Though we were all doubtful, the Baby flipped out and tried to burn him, which didn’t work all too well, obviously. This encounter changed our plans for a bit as the elf decided to follow the Were-Rat we released, which lead nowhere. He would have realized that if he had just listened to me, but, again, they don’t comprehend my intelligence.

Once Elf returned from his pointless task, we began our journey with the cat and ended up in a world where the rules were beyond deafening. Somehow, with how dumb the party is, we managed to not break too many rules and after a few leads found the man we needed to give the book to, who took it, but before we could finish the transaction, a large group came in and started a fight.

I was easily able to dodge all of their attacks. The rest of the party didn’t fair as well, though I need to give some credit to Elf who landed some nice blows on the elven leader of the group. With little hassle on my part, the group was defeated, but the rest of the town was not fairing so well, since a race of goodness knows what was literally stomping the city to the ground. We knew it wasn’t our fight, so we went back to the portal and zipped back to the cleric’s office, our new base.

After a much needed rest, we headed to the devil bar that the annoying little Were-Rat spoke of, but didn’t get much information, until Imp showed back up and revealed that Baby had been hiding something from the group and he also gave two names of people who might have information from us. We exposed Baby’s stealing, and cheating ways, and then immediately headed over to the mortuary to find Dead Tony, in hopes he might be able to point us towards our portal keys, and hopefully away from Sir Horatio as the cause.

Instead of finding just dead people, as we had hoped, we stepped into a small room full of semi-dead people intent on killing us and sucking our souls as well as an annoying floating creature. Our two religious nuts went crazy on Floatie as the rest of us focused on energies on the Whites. These semi-dead creatures put up a decent fight, but once I finally found my footing, I was able to easily skewer them on my spear and take them down as they attempted attacks on my fellow party members. We struggled for some time, but despite taking a few hits, they amazingly agreed to press on with the fight and go after the zombies in the next room. Not the best idea we’ve ever had.

These zombies, though slow, we’re almost solidly frozen and chilled us to the core as soon as they were within a reaching distance. Flag Boy and myself were smart enough to sound the alarm to run off, but Elf and Baby got it into their thick skulls that they could take these guys down. Magnificent finally carried his weight, and Elf’s, when Elf hit the ground and Magnificent had to drag him to safety. This close encounter had us skulking back to Sir Horatio’s and with the idea in my head that we were even further away from finding our portal keys. I’m not sure how much longer I can take working with this party before I start killing them off.


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