Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes

Miniature Progress

I'm having the minis for Sir Horatio's heroes painted and modded by Candi of Painted Knights – I wanted to use this update to show the progress thus far.  I sort of dumped 8 minis on her at once, so, the progress will likely take a bit longer, as they're not anything alike (colorwise or anything-else-wise).  Without further ado:

Commander Krevash:

The Elven Archer:

Sir Maxwell Honeypot:

Katerina Walewska:

Lydia, House Maricomorian:

Nonimus Fodero:

Drugin Rexhammer:


Leahcim the Pious:
No mini yet.

Clease "The Cow" Tormot:


The cow has got to be the best one here!

Miniature Progress
Fivegears Fivegears

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