Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes

My Sacrifice

Welome back for the third installmint of My Story.  I would like to apologize for the antics of my scribe last weak.  This article will be hand penned by none other than myself.  This weaks story tell the tale of a guardian who is filled with the desire of great conquest but faced with decision of humility.  I trape across a few more worlds and come out running, not for my life but for others.

Last we left off the rat-kin had been subdued and thier leader captured.  Several interrogation attempts were unsuccessful but fortunately the raven queen shined on us all and fate dealt us a new lead.  My comrades and myself we hit with blinding pain that lead us to an interesting quandry.  We dragged the bound and bleeding vermin across sigil until we arrived at the abode or a reincarnated cat and his awakened book.  The interesting pair had a story of honesty from beyond the grave.

 The cat was indebted from when he was not a cat to return the book for which he never completed paying for, and the book desired to be returned to its creator since its purchaser no longer had a need for it.  After a breif intrerruption by the nesterfettle guy we decided to let the rat go as a sign of our fearlessness.  Lucks fortune has spared him for now but i believe his fate is unchanged.  The imp had nothing new to tell me, he tries to spin his web, his points seem valid but his character is empty.  My own suspicion of Sir Horrartio is quelched by the fact the imp is playing on it.

 Moving forward we made out way to the plane of automoton to return the book.  The book was quite helpful in this.  We returned the book and for our hard work the book repayed us by revealing the location of an unknown cache of wealth from the cats former life and the cat entreated his domain onto us.  By luck rewarded us with the glory of battle.  Murder hungry vagabonds waited to slay us, capture the books creator and steal the book.  Our group moved quickly and dispatched the lot of them.  The leader escaped but not to a good fortune.  Outside the building where we found the books creator the city of automoton has been suprised by swarms of stampeding creatures from the plane of mechanar. 

While this march is a normally occuring event this occurance was not normal.  I do not think the Raven Queen will look kindly on this event.  She is a fickle creature driven by the order of the grand designed and chaos of fortune.  This event reeks of chaos, but it is not chance, its pungent odor is riled with insidiousness.  We did have the favor of sticking around to discover more though and we retreated back to Sigil and left the citizens to face thier own fate.

We sought the Imp one more time back in Sigil, his story is sidewards but it is compelling.  As my bahamut companion would say, let us step boldly into the danger, it is the step forward.   The imp gave us a lead to 'follow up' on at no small expense to himself.  So we made our way to the mortuary.  The imp is sly, he knew we would not stand for the abomination that greeted us.  A half dozen undead lead by a Wraith had the audacity to ask me what I was doing there.  The dead should never be restless – so i unleashed the fury of my queen in full force and drove the wraith immediately into hiding.  Emblazened the cleric took to my  side and we began to fell the lot of them.  The wizard truely showed he  might as she bayed several additional zombies and incinerate the desecrated remains of the unfortunate.

We found ourselves overwhelmed though and with my friends close to death we took retreat.  I nearly met my fate when the overzealous ranger attempted to cover our retreat.  She had not dealt me my final card though, and the luck of avandra saw me through.  My ladies favor me and I am forever indebted to them.


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