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Hey folks.

So, just writing here to pass some thoughts about upcoming stuff in the game, some changes I think will make the game better and whatnot.  So, off we go.

First subject, is stats.  Initially, I had people create characters with the standard array given in the PHB, but, now that I'm more comfortable with 4E, I think I'm going to give you guys the ability to change them up.  No, we won't be rolling, but, there's a series of different arrays that people can use from the PHB that will allow you to customize your characters a great deal more, I think.  That being said, if you check out page 18 in the PHB, you'll see the arrays I'm talking about.  If you want to choose from one of those and apply it to your character, you're more than welcome to – in some cases, I know some of you do have "dump stats", so, if you want to take advantage of this to help make your character a bit more effective, feel free.  Just let me know what changes you want to make and make sure that you still have the appropriate stats for the feats you've already chosen.

Second is on the issue of alignment.  Now, when 4E came out, I wanted to stick as close to the rules as possible, even with alignment, but, seeing that there don't seem to be any powers that affect anyone based on alignment, I don't see any reason to keep them.  Of course, this is up to you guys, ultimately, but, I figure alignments simply restrict character development, rather than help it.  I actually liked the alignment system from Palladium a great deal more, but, even that was restrictive.  So, I wanna just toss alignment altogether.  Your character is what s/he is.  There's no in-game effect so far as I can tell with alignment, and, if there are elements that come into play that affect alignment, or are affected by, well, we'll deal with those issues as they come up.

What else, what else.  My mind's all over the place right now.  Let's see.  Ah, yes.  I've been pretty laid back about changing up powers if you discover you chose the wrong one, and, I won't change that, yet.  But, I think at 4th level, it'll have to go to the official "retraining" rules that are built-in.  By that time, you should have a good idea what your character is trying to attain, so, changing past decisions becomes a little more difficult.  It's still quite possible to change some things about your character, but, we'll just have an official system for it (I'm fairly certain it goes something like when you level up, you can choose one power to swap for another).  If you want to do something in-game to retrain, that's fine too.  We'll deal with those issues as they come up.

I really have nothing to complain about with the party and the game as it's gone, so far.  I think everyone's having fun, and I certainly am.  I'm looking forward to the adventures you folks are going to be going on in the future.  I like that people are starting to interact more, writing logs, and interacting with the NPCs a great deal more, even going so far as to name things themselves (Quiet Leonard being a great example).  If there's anything you want to see more of, now's a good time to speak up.  You're on the bleeding edge of the end of an adventure, so, if you want to see a change-of-pace, now's a good time.

Also, having gone 5 games now, I'd like to know what you guys think so far.  Anything I'm doing that can be done better, or different, any issues you want to bring up?  Looking for feedback, positive or negative.  You guys keep showing up at my apartment, so, I'm assuming things are going well, but, still, always good to get things out in the open.  

Last thing is, I'm going to have everyone re-establish what their portal-keys were.  You can choose the same thing, but, now that there's been some time, you might have thought more about what your portal key could have been, if it was important to you, or just a trinket you happened to be carrying.

I have a lot of ideas in mind for future adventures, so, I hope most of you stick with me.  It's my hope we can take these characters all the way to the epic tier, where the crap hits the proverbial fan, adventure-wise.  Do I have a plan for the long-term?  Well, that'd be giving away too much now, wouldn't it.

Alright, I've typed long enough.  Gimme your thoughts.


Fivegears Fivegears

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