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Hello, everyone.  I'm just writing here to throw out the occasional thoughts I have regarding the game and what have you.  I'm not certain how frequent these little musings will be, likely when I need a thought-dump and I need to get some things out that don't fit into any other section.

That being said, let's see what I have here.  Hm.  OK.  I'm going to be making some rules changes to how one 'catches up' with XP – instead of having to attend a number of sessions you missed, it's going to be whenever you attend a session, you'll make up the least recent session for XP reasons – that way catching up is a bit quicker, while still allowing the people that are there every session to stay on top of the PC power-curve.  I've also moved XP totals from each character to the player attendance screen, so you can see your XP totals there.  Just easier to edit on my part, and anything that cuts down time updating this site, gives me more time to work on the game proper.  I'll be sure to change the 'crunch' section to reflect that rules change.

Also, though none of you have really asked, a voice in the back of my head has sort of been wondering why I've been breaking down each chapter into 'parts'.  Well, this is mostly a reflection of my thought process, I can't usually concentrate on any one given thing at a time for very long, so breaking them down into subchapters really helps me put them together.  When I attempt to put too much into one post, I tend to, as Tom said, 'get a little punchy', and start making mistakes as my mind begins to wander, or I begin rushing things.  I want to give you guys the best log I can, as best as I can remember.

The reason for these logs is really hope, more than anything else.  I hope this campaign goes on for a long time, and once its finally reached its conclusion, I want to throw all the logs into a publication of some sort, with your characters, created items,  monsters, etc.  Even if I have to print them out at Staples or some such, and bind them that way, or go to Lulu to publish them, whatever way works.

This is probably the most thought I've put into a campaign since I first got my mitts on Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition (that's 3.0 to those that need to know), and I'm in a much better place to put together this campaign than I had been back in the day, so, I'm expecting things to go well. But with this campaign, unlike the previous one, there are some players that don't know each other well, so, they are less apt to work together.  When I ran that 3rd Edition game, it was  with (and if I don't recall correctly, forgive me) Mike, Tim, Good Tom, Evil Tom, Sarah M., and Lilly, with the occasional cameo.  These folks knew each other fairly well, so the group dynamic was pretty tight.

With this new crew, some folks seem to get along fairly well, as they've known each other for a while, but with some new players in the mix, things are bound to be a little tense, as you don't know how they play.  That's actually why I designed this adventure the way I did, trying to temper the group to work together through various hardships, and feeling obligated to work together for their mutual benefit.  Right now you're getting the flames, soon you'll get the forge.  Now's the opportunity to stick your neck out for the other party members and prove that your character is going to be helpful to the party; the first few sessions set the tone for what could be a long time of playing.

Now's also the time to define yourself in the party.  One clear example of this is of Leahcim the Pious, who's proving to be exceptionally sly, the face of the party when dirty deeds need doing, and Nonimus is falling into the role of the mastermind, plotting far ahead of what the party sees.  So, forget about the 4th Edition roles like Leader, Striker, Defender, Controller… these are only tactical roles.  Start thinking of your role in the party for other situations, when violence doesn't ensue.  Think of famous teams throughout time, and what they each brought to the table; like the A-Team.  Yes, I will invoke the A-Team for this.  Because they were awesome.

The group charter (though still unregistered!) is a good idea, setting a backbone for the party's ideals, but, don't let it become a doctrine.  There are certain situations where people are going to want to break the rules for the good of the party (or in some cases, not… the occasional conflicting ideals should come into play occasionally, so long as they're not a COMPLETE game-break).  There are going to be situations that call for fireballing an ally, if it's a good opportunity to clear out a gaggle of minions surrounding him.

At any rate, got lots planned for you folks, so, try not to kill each other, there's plenty out on the planes to do that for you. 

PS – Apparently, I only recently got the items to link correctly; so now, if you want to see the various goods that you guys have come across in your adventures thus far, simply bring yourselves over to the Wiki, and you'll be able to find all manner of things. 

PPS – To break up the WALL OF TEXT that is this musing, please enjoy this photo of me drunk, sweaty, fat, rocking out to Rock Band and making the Worst Face Ever. 


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