Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes

Chapter Two: Crunch

Attendance: La_Chimenea, frodolives86, Michael_Lightbringer, firefly, Anomalousresult, emacspirate, Palandar

PCs: Katerina Walewska, Commander Krevash, Durgin Rexhammer, Leahcim the Pious, Nonimus Fodero, Savina, Sir Maxwell Honeypot, Lydia, House Maricomorian, Cleese "The Cow" Tormot
NPCs: Andrea-B-GKA, Asolianar, Glassblower, Azalaklim the Rat, Ferd, Gamemaster Griggs, Marco-G-BUD, Mobo the Simple, Reuel "Duke" Dukat, Sir Horatio, The Pigs
New Monsters:
XP: 403
Items: Laser Pistol (simple ranged; range 10/20; 1d6 radiant damage; reload move), Content Not Found: personality_, Content Not Found: redbarrel_, Content Not Found: 7452_, Content Not Found: multicorder_, Content Not Found: 7451, Content Not Found: 7830


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