Sir Horatio's Habitation for Wayward Planars & Primes

Chapter Seven, Part Two

Openning the door again,  the party turned to face Nesterfettle and his two cambion allies.  They were as polite as they could be to the miniature devil, considering the circumstances.  Nesterfettle spoke calmly. "I only came to talk," he reassured them, as he fluttered into the room.  Most of the party wasn't convinced, however, and the conversation retained an air of uncomfortable tension.

"Listen," Nesterfettle continued, "I know you've been looking for me, so, I wanted to come to you and set things straight."  Nesterfettle continued to explain to them that he wasn't the least bit responsible for taking their keys, and that they should maybe consider the following facts:

  • Sir Horatio has an entire establishment whose sole purpose is finding portals and keys.
  • They keys went missing within his establishment, which Sir Horatio has complete control over.
  • Reuel disappeared quite convieniently at the right time, and was working for Horatio.
  • Sir Horatio was rather quick to forgive Reuel and accept him back into the Habitat. 

In short, Nesterfettle was pointing a hooked finger squarely at Sir Horatio. The party scoffed at this idea however; were they to believe some devil whose sole purpose was to corrupt and lie?  Lydia answered that question for us, summoning ball of flame, trying to deny the imp egress.  With a sigh, the imp simply flew through the fire, unscathed.  Once outside, he advised the party to seek out Den'tona, and Dinek, the other two residents that disappeared that evening.  Den'tona, Nesterfettle made the dead book, his neck snapped in the night, and Dinek got hipped into a different plane to keep her quiet.

Nesterfettle went on to tell the party on how to find them, and to use the ritual to speak to Den'tona, once they found him.  This is when a few questions arose, mostly in respect to said ritual, and how to use it.  Apparently, the imp had gone as far as to leave them a scroll to speak with Den'tona, though this was the first that most of the party had heard of it.  Lydia, however, looked nervous, very suddenly.

The Arrow noticed this. After the imp fluttered away, he demanded Lydia show the party the contents of her pack.  "I don't see why…" Lydia began, but, the Arrow would have none of it.  Grabbing her bag from her side, he tipped it over, spilling its contents.  Lo and behold, a ritual scroll was discovered amongst the items.  Words were exchanged, not many of them pleasent.  The only thing that stopped the arguing was the clearing of the proverbial throat of the Book.

Oh yeah, the party thought, we have something we should do.

Agreeing quickly to the terms, accepting payment in the form of a deed to Jysson's old office and a small hidden cache of jink, they decided to move on to Automata; they couldn't deny the fact that, throughout all of their adventures, they hadn't made a whole lot of money, so a paying gig would be a welcome change.  The adventurers took a few hours to prepare for their trip to the Outlands, and set to the portal once ready.



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